ESPN says Marcus Mariota is better than Jameis Winston

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 19: Marcus Mariota
NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 19: Marcus Mariota /

Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota officially checks in ahead of Jameis Winston.

ESPN came out with their QB rankings today and Marcus Mariota was in the top half.

Or bottom half depending on if you are a pessimistic or optimistic.

To clarify, Mariota ended up coming in tied for 16th among NFL QBs. He ended up with a 2.56 grade.

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In that piece 50 league insiders divided QBs into four tiers:

Tier 1: Essentially “elite QBs”

Tier 2: Guys that can carry their teams for stretches, but will need supporting talent to make a strong push.

Tier 3: QBs that can do well with a good supporting cast.

Tier 4: Backups/unprovens

So when Mario ended up with a 2.56 what that means is that slightly more people voted him as a Tier 3 player at this point in his career than a Tier 2 QB.

According to their table at the bottom of the page, here is the breakdown of votes for Marcus Mariota:

T1: 0 votes

T2: 22 votes

T3: 28 votes

T4: 0 votes

That means a few things. According to their rankings, Mariota missed out on the second tier by just two votes.

Another thing is that no one saw him as elite, but no one saw him as a bust either. Meaning that you can win a lot of games in the NFL with him on your team, though he may have to have some help.

With this roster the way it is currently constructed, I think we can say that Marcus Mariota will have the talent around him to succeed this year.

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  • Looking at this another way, this is how this piece ranked the QBs in the NFL 24 or younger:

    1. Dak Prescott ranked 14 (24 y/o)

    2. Marcus Mariota ranked T-16 (23 y/o)

    3. Jameis Winston ranked 18 (23 y/o)

    4. Carson Wentz ranked 21 (24 y/o)

    5. Paxton Lynch ranked T-29 (23 y/o)

    6. Jared Goff ranked 32 (22 y/o)

    7. Cody Kessler ranked 36 (24 y/o)

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    You have to think that is a win knowing that you have the second best young QB in the league and there is a chance that the top guy could regress now that Zeke Elliott is out for 6 games.

    Either way, I think this is slightly underrating Marcus Mariota, but until he plays a full season I get the skepticism. However, I also think he is getting better an better and that he could be in that first tier in a few years.