Oh my God, the Buffalo Bills ..."/> Oh my God, the Buffalo Bills ..."/>

Tennessee Titans should make a Buffalo Bills shopping list

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The Tennessee Titans should capitalize on the Buffalo Bills rebuild.

Oh my God, the Buffalo Bills are having a FIRE….sale. The Tennessee Titans should take advantage.

We have never seen a real tear-it-down and rebuild with Jon Robinson as the Titans GM. However, we are seeing two right now.

The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills are trying to jettison all of their talent for picks as we speak.

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Starting with the Jets, Jon Robinson has already taken advantage of that situation by bringing in Eric Decker who looks great so far.

The Bills are being a little bit stingier, trading talent instead of cutting it.

On top of that, their situation just got worse when they lose Anquan Boldin to retirement yesterday.

The Tennessee Titans have a lot of wide receiver talent if that helps move things along, and Jon Robinson showed that he is not afraid to give up picks or players for talent when he acquired Dennis Kelly, DeMarco Murray and moved up to get Jack Conklin.

So, here is the shopping list I would have if the Buffalo Bills are truly putting everyone on the table.

The Elite

Marcell Dareus, NT

I wrote about over a week ago, but Dareus is still a great young player in the league. This stat was the eye-popping one that really sold me on Dareus:

“Look at these two players:

Player A: Through 6 years at NT at age 26: 34 sacks

Player B: Through 6 years at 3-tech/5-tech at age 27: 33 sacks

The first player is Marcell Dareus, the second player is Jurrell Casey.”

Read more on the possible trade and the issues at the link above. Either way, I think he would make this defense terrifying.

Potential Pro Bowlers

Richie Incognito RG/LG

-Did you know Incognito was best friends with Taylor Lewan at the Pro Bowl last year? Honestly he seemed to have as much fun with Incognito as I can remember a player having with a member of another team that he had never played with.

Incognito is perfect for this offense and he has played both right and left guard. I think Josh Kline is well like and he is fine, but I get the sense the Titans wanted someone to push for that starting job.

With Tim Lelito not standing out in preseason games or in practice, I wonder if the ideal situation for the Titans is Incognito as a starting right guard with Corey Levin, Josh Kline and Dennis Kelly as your three backup OL.

Kyle Williams DL

-Williams is a really good DE in a 3-4 scheme. In fact, in the last 6 years he has 4 Pro Bowl appearances. That is really impressive and he did it in several different schemes.

The DE spot appears to be slightly more open than fans may have thought, with Austin Johnson getting some reps with the starters on Saturday.

Could the Titans quietly be looking for an upgrade there?

Live Feed

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  • Possible Reclamation

    Jerry Hughes EDGE

    -Hughes had two great years in an aggressive EDGE rusher who won with speed. However, in his last two season he hasn’t been as effective.

    Now to be fair, he did have an injury in 2015 and in 2016 the team kind of phoned it in. Also, his 5 sacks would have been third most by an EDGE for the Titans last year.

    Hughes just turned 29 and he is expensive for the next few years. If the Bills would eat some of that contract he could be traded for a Day 3 pick.

    Reggie Ragland ILB

    -It seems so soon to say this, but Ragland is currently buried on the depth chart in Buffalo.

    Scouting him coming out, I thought he would be a good downhill thumper, but that he would probably struggle in coverage.

    Right now, Avery Williamson is set to hit free agency after this year. Williamson could have a huge year and the Titans could want him back. He could also struggle and want to try his luck elsewhere.

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    Either way, the Titans don’t have Williamson locked down long term and I know that Jon Robinson doesn’t like to be out leveraged. So, one way to fix that is to swap a late round pick for a player the Bills new front office didn’t even bring in.

    That way, you get a facsimile of what you could be losing if Williamson walks. If not, you have good depth behind Williamson and someone to play with Jayon Brown if both veteran LBs leave this offseason.

    Either way, the Tennessee Titans could use more talent at the ILB position, just if it is depth.