Grading the Tennessee Titans rookies: Preseason week 2

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 19: Jonnu Smith
NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 19: Jonnu Smith /

How did the Tennessee Titans rookies do in their second week of action?

The Tennessee Titans had a rough first week of the preseason, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they came out ready to go this week.

Not only did the starters come out strong, but backups and depth players played well too.

Just how well did the rookies do? Let’s grade them.

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Corey Davis: N/A

-Corey Davis is still dealing with a hamstring injury, but he is apparently close to practicing and could play in the fourth week of the preseason.
Adoree Jackson: A+

-Jackson did absolutely everything you could ask for. He was great in coverage, look at this graphic from PFF:

Not only was he good in coverage but he made a couple of good tackles as well.

But, let’s not bury the lead here. His biggest play was his punt return for a touchdown.

Sure it was called back, but those calls were questionable and they didn’t open anything up for him that wasn’t already there. On most days those flags would stay in the pocket and the Tennessee Titans would have had 6 there.
Taywan Taylor: B+

-I really like what Taylor did today and he just looked too good to be playing against second stringers when he was in.

Taylor ended up with 3 catches for 41 yards in a game where the Titans clearly wanted to give the ball to Derrick Henry or throw it to Tre McBride.

Even though he wasn’t the focus of the game, he did well when given a chance and he has been very impressive.

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  • Jonnu Smith: A-

    -Smith had a day like Adoree Jackson. He did everything right, the only thing he didn’t do is have that explosive play that Jackson did.

    He was on the field all day as an inline tight end and movement piece. He did good stuff with the first team as a receiver and that continued with the second stringers.

    Not only did he fare well as a pass catcher, he was a good blocker. He actually gave the key block on David Fluellen’s 53 yard run.
    Jayon Brown: A-

    Brown only played 29 snaps on defense yesterday and still he made a mark as one of the best defensive players the Titans had.

    He had the second biggest play of the day with the athletic leap on the tipped pass which led to an interception and a long Derrick Henry touchdown.

    It is clear that the Titans know he will make an impact on the defense this year and that they aren’t going to expose him to too many preseason snaps.
    Corey Levin: B-

    Levin did well and I don’t want to knock him at all. I think playing OL is more about consistent greatness or dominance and I am not sure I saw that yesterday.

    Still he did a good job using his leverage to open up lanes and he may be this team’s best backup interior lineman.

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    Josh Carraway: C+

    Carraway played a lot of snaps, I just want to see a little more. I want to see him get to a bigger QB and take him down instead of missing on a guy like Joe Webb.

    This division has been defined by a big QB who doesn’t go down easily in Andrew Luck. The Titans will want a guy who can bring down those larger passers.
    Brad Seaton: N/A

    -I don’t think he played, or if he did I missed him.
    Khalfani Muhammad: N/A

    -It doesn’t look good for Muhammad to make the roster, though given his athleticism and age he could be used as a return man and groomed on the practice squad.