Last big chance for Tennessee Titans Kevin Dodd today

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 11: Kevin Dodd /

What does today mean for the Tennessee Titans second pick in the 2016 NFL Draft?

Tennessee Titans 2nd year man Kevin Dodd’s career will not be made or broken today.

However, this is a huge opportunity for him.

Next week, there is a good chance that the Titans try to play Derrick Morgan for the large share of the game. Leaving only the 3rd quarter for Dodd to make an impression.

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On the other end of the spectrum, Dodd probably won’t play into the second half in the fourth preseason game because they will want a hard look at their 3rd and 4th string guys on the outside.

That means that this is the only game left where Dodd will really get a chance to play a solid half of football and make an impression.

Also big for Dodd is that he will be going against 2nd round rookie Taylor Moton.

There is a good chance you don’t know who that is, but he was the second best player from Central Michigan last year (behind Corey Davis obviously) and he looked very good for the Panthers in their first preseason game.

Moton is one of the better backup tackles in the NFL as he will likely take over the starting job soon enough. So if Dodd gets matched up on him, it will be a real test.

I believe that the 2nd year man can do some good things. He is long and powerful, and more importantly he has shown that he can win in with outside rips as well as inside counters.

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The question is, does he still have the moves to disengage with OTs given his lack of burst off the ball. His foot injury may have left him thinking more than playing, which could be why he has struggled to get off blocks.

If not, he is going to be a one-trick pony as a pass rusher, needing to win with power and a bull rush. That model really isn’t sustainable in the NFL and it would likely mean that the Titans would look at another pass rusher this offseason.

Again, his career is far from over but Dodd is losing chances to impress this coaching staff. Can he take advantage of a big opportunity today?