Two Tennessee Titans who could earn a job on Saturday

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - AUGUST 12: Adoree' Jackson
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - AUGUST 12: Adoree' Jackson /

Two Tennessee Titans have a chance to really make a push for a starting job tomorrow.

The Tennessee Titans play the Carolina Panthers tomorrow in their first action at home.

In that game, I think there are two players who could earn a starting job based on their performances.

Both have been buzzy players in camp and both had nice days against the Panthers in their joint practices. However, doing it on a big stage in a real game is much different than in practice.

Can either or both of these players make that move?

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Adoree Jackson

Jackson has been locked in with the second string since the pads came on a few weeks ago. Since that first day he has made significant strides.

Jackson clearly has the ball skills and athleticism to do anything you want at cornerback. His one big drawback is that he isn’t trusting what he sees completely yet.

Now, from what we saw in his brief action vs the Jets, he looks like a guy who isn’t afraid to fly to the ball. I wonder if the issue is that the defense calls for him to play with a cushion and he isn’t driving on the ball as fast as they would like.

Either way, he has been a pest in camp all week and he looks to be trending upwards right now. If he is put on Kelvin Benjamin and makes a great break on one of those fades or if he comes down and strikes him it could be a great piece of evidence to support a claim for him to start.

Jayon Brown

Was there ever any doubt that this was going to be the guy I put second on this list.

When you go back through the great Titans defenses, the truly great ones have a star linebacker. Mainly that guy was Keith Bulluck for the 2000s Titans.

Since him though, Tennessee really hasn’t had anyone in the middle of the defense who looks like a playmaker.

Now to be fair, it is hard to find a linebacker in the NFL today who can make a play in the passing game, play sideline to sideline, make tackles in the box, and force turnovers. Brown could be that guy.

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Against the Jets last week Brown was a nightmare to deal with playing all over the field and doing everything you want from a linebacker. As a run defender he straddled the line between rangy and hard-nosed well doing everything right.

As a pass defender he held his own with tight ends and flew to the flats vs the running backs.

As for turnovers, in back to back practices with against the Panthers Brown had an interception and forced a fumble. Those are game changing plays.

Brown should be a starter on this team given what he can do vs tight ends. If the Titans are set on Williamson as a run-down starter that is fine, but Brown should be in there every snap.

Williamson and Wesley Woodyard can rotate depending on if it is a passing down or a running down, but why would you take your best true linebacker off the field?