Hot take the Tennessee Titans are going to keep Eric Weems

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 22: Eric Weems
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 22: Eric Weems /

I think Eric Weems is a lock to be on the Tennessee Titans roster this year.

After the Tennessee Titans added Adoree Jackson it looked like he would be their kick returner and punt returner. Now I think Eric Weems will earn the kick return job.

Instead of returning punts and kickoffs, it seems like the Titans will limit Jackson to just one.

Between kick return and punt return, they seem to like Adoree Jackson more as a punt returner. As a result, there has been a battle between Taywan Taylor and Khalfani Muhammad for the kick return job.

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On paper this is great because both posses dynamic speed and are offensive players (usually a good thing for return men).

However, both have struggled with handling returns this year. Taylor was the first to struggle during the “Friday Night Lights” practice and bleeding into the practice at Nissan Stadium. According to Jim Wyatt:

“Receiver Taywan Taylor had a great first week of camp, and he made some plays on Saturday. But Taylor also lost the ball in the return game for the second time in as many nights, a practice after he failed to haul in a catchable pass in the end zone.”

Two days in a row is a bad sign. If he is struggling to consistently catch the kick, Mike Mularkey isn’t going to risk him as a return man.

Muhammad had a nightmare day yesterday dropping 3(!!!) in a row yesterday according to Terry McCormick:

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  • That is not great. Of course it will matter more what they do in the preseason games than practice, but this is a bad start.

    Now, if there were no other options this would be a concern. Luckily there is another guy to talk about.

    Eric Weems is a really good return man and notice I didn’t say was.

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    Over the last two years in Atlanta, Weems averaged 24.8 yards per return. To put that in perspective, Marc Mariani averaged 21.5 last year and 25.5 in his Pro Bowl year.

    If the Tennessee Titans want to go with a rookie they can, but they have a veteran who has been a really good return man in the NFL.

    While Eric Weems probably won’t be flashy, they just need someone solid as a kick returner if they can get an impact from the punt return team. Just set Marcus Mariota and the Titans offense up with good starting field position and let them to the rest.