Tennessee Titans Adoree Jackson will be in the Pro Bowl as a rookie

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 26: Devin Studstill
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 26: Devin Studstill /

Adoree Jackson is going to make a big impact on the Tennessee Titans immediately.

The Tennessee Titans attacked the 1st round of the 2018 NFL Draft looking for playmakers, and they found them in Corey Davis and Adoree Jackson.

While Corey Davis has been phenomenal early in camp, we haven’t heard much about Jackson.

The former USC CB/WR/KR/PR was a dynamo in college and everyone wants him to do the same thing in Tennessee.

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Now, to be fair anyone who asks about Adoree Jackson gets great reviews about how he is contesting catches and staying tight in coverage. If that happens, I trust his ability and athleticism to produce turnovers.

Having said that, rookie cornerbacks struggle usually. Say what you want, but everyone touted Jalen Ramsey as the best CB in forever and he struggled heavily with penalties and run support.

So to expect Jackson to come in and be a Pro Bowl cornerback is just unfair.

What isn’t unfair is to expect him to get to the Pro Bowl as a return man.

In case you didn’t know, Jackson was one of the best return men in college football in his 3-year career at USC. During that time he racked up 8 TDs on just 125 returns. That is over 6%.

However, the Tennessee Titans have said that Jackson is probably just going to return punts. Well, he actually does his best work there. On 46 punt returns he managed 4 touchdowns, which is nearly 9% of the time.

Even more impressive, last year he tallied 2 touchdowns on just 20 returns, easy math says that is 10% of the time. After that they just stopped kicking to him.

To put that in NFL perspective, the Titans had 30 returns last year. Again, simple math says that Jackson has a good chance to score 3 touchdowns there if he can replicate college where he will have better blocking to match up with the other team’s better coverage.

Just being fair, lets say that Adoree has a great rookie year returning but only manages 2 TDs, which is both optimistic and a regression from his high college standard.

Since 2013, only two players have returned two punt returns for TDs in the AFC:

-Dexter McCluster in 2013

-Tyreek Hill in 2016

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Now, Hill will get a huge workload on offense this year so I expect his return duties/abilities to drop a little just as a natural reaction. We know McCluster isn’t going to pop up and repeat that after what he did in Tennessee.

With 2 punt return touchdowns, Adoree Jackson would be almost untouchable as the return man slot for the AFC on the Pro Bowl roster this year. I think he is going to be a dynamic player that teams will have to learn to kick away from.

If he can provide a spark on special teams and do that, I think the Titans will have nailed their first round pick adding a much needed play maker to two phases of their team.