Tennessee Titans Corey Davis is amazing August 1st edition

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 02: Corey Davis
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 02: Corey Davis /

Tennessee Titans first round pick Corey Davis is doing some amazing things in camp.

Corey Davis is signed and in full pads for the Tennessee Titans. Ever since he has been on the field, he has seemed every bit the receiver they thought he was.

Now, it hasn’t been a straight shot up for Corey Davis. He started out missing the first day of camp due to a contract dispute.

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That was quickly resolved and he was in camp the next day turning heads.

After a great first day where he beat Logan Ryan on a deep ball and looked to be in perfect shape and health he had a mediocre second day.

This was to be expected because it was the first day in pads and that always gives the defense more freedom to be a little bit more physical until the officials start calling things.

Davis didn’t get bullied or anything, the timing and his hands were just off. The same thing happened to Eric Decker and Rishard Matthews, both of whom are veteran stalwarts that are used to camp.

So when Mike Mularkey was asked yesterday about Cored Davis he talked about how Davis had a slight decline from day one, but he was most impressed with how hard Davis was on himself.

Now, there were three things that could have happened. A weaker minded player would have let a bad practice get him into a rut of mediocre play.

A normal guy might have bounced back and had a day as good as the first one.

Few guys would go out there and just obliterate the competition. Davis chose option three.

That is epitomized by this play he made right in front of the ref in one-on-ones:

There is a lot to take in. Watch how he subtly gets LeShaun Sims to turn his shoulder expecting him to cut inside.

That is what it means to be a good route runner. Once he had his shoulders turned he attacked that space he gave up towards the pylon going up and getting the ball and securing it in bounds.

To do that takes speed, precision, understanding of leverage, leaping ability, hands, and concentration. Rare.

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The impressive play didn’t start or stop there. He was consistently dominant all day but, don’t just take my word for it (although you could) check out some tweets from practice.

Beating Adoree Jackson in 1-on-1s

It should be noted that Jackson has been praised for his coverage today and this was not an easy assignment for Davis.

Diverse routes

So if you are keeping up, Davis beat Sims in coverage deep, won in 7-on-7 with an out breaking route and then won on an inside breaking route.

Not only is Davis attacking different parts of the field, he is attacking every part of the field working deep, inside and out.

I haven’t seen the coaches quotes from practice, but if it is anything like the tweets from practice the Corey Davis hype train is going to be rolling full steam ahead.