Tennessee Titans deal with Jurrell Casey is pure brilliance


Jurrell Casey has earned the right to be a life long Tennessee Titans star.

Jon Robinson is the GOAT and we all know this at this point. His latest stroke of genius was signing Jurrell Casey.

Let’s take a look at the deal as reported by the man Adam Schefter:

As Paul Kuharsky reported, this is essentially canceling out his current deal and creating a whole new deal not an actual extension.

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So that means that the deal is for 4 years worth $15.1 million ($10 million guaranteed) per year.

Taking into account 4-3 DTs and 3-4 DEs, that makes him the 7th highest paid in terms of total per year. In terms of guarantees per year, it makes him the top paid right now. Which is honestly probably what he deserves going forward.

So why is that deal brilliant?

I am glad you asked, guys like Sheldon Richardson, Aaron Donald, Akiem Hicks, Stephon Tuitt, and Star Lotulelei are all about to hit free agency. You can guarantee that those first two will reset the market and make this deal look like a steal.

This is all part of the plan. Jon Robinson isn’t just signing people to do something and he isn’t trying to win any press conferences, he has a clear idea of how you build a championship roster.

Terry Lambert summed it up well in his tweet:

There are a lot of reasons to make this move now. For one thing, I just mentioned that he probably saved about $10 million total and $5 million in guarantees on the same length by getting it done before the impending Aaron Donald deal.

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  • Secondly, it shows young guys and veterans alike that Jon Robinson isn’t afraid to spend money on talent and that even if you do a lot of dirty work he knows who the great ones are (like Taylor Lewan).

    Finally, Casey has been absoltely amazing in his career with the Tennessee Titans check out this chart from Jim Cobern:

    (Yellow is below average, blue is average, light green is above average, and dark green is the highest tier.)

    So what that means is that Jurrell Casey has been amazing as an impact defender. Over the last two years (in this scheme) he has yet to do anything at less than an above average level.

    His market share of assisted tackles, sacks, and pass deflections has been among the best in the league at his position.

    Think of the number on the far right as a grade on total performance as a whole on a 1-100 scale. He has earned an “A” for four consecutive years and has been elite in three of those years.

    Another masterstroke by Jon Robinson is the length of the deal. Casey will be under contract until he is 31. Do you know what year DT/34DE production falls off? You guessed it, 32.

    So that means that you can expect roughly the same performance at age 31 (the end of this deal) that you would expect from age 27 (his current age). Just so smart.

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    Jurrell Casey is a face of the Tennessee Titans and he has really been the guy that Titans fans have turned to at the end of every season since 2011 as a guy that we could all say, “Well that year sucked, but at least we have Casey who is one of the best in the NFL.”

    He is tough, a grinder, intelligent, personable, and he is a fan favorite. He is the right guy to extend right now for a ton of reasons and Jon Robinson continues to impress fans and anyone keeping up with him or the Titans.