Expect the Tennessee Titans to look hard at CBs

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 18: Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 18: Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin /

Don’t expect the Tennessee Titans to be finished building this roster.

Jim Wyatt does a great job keeping fans up to date with the Titans and intrigued with what is to come.

One of the ways that he does this is with a weekend mailbag where he answers a ton of you questions (mostly about Derrick Henry).

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He has said this before, but it is important to note that he continues to talk about how the Titans will probably scour the waiver wire and post preseason cuts. Here is how he addressed a question about the unproven talent at cornerback:

“…A lot remains to be seen in camp here as well. Logan Ryan is proven, but LeShaun Sims and Adoree’ Jackson and Kalan Reed and others will have to prove themselves further. Brice McCain will try and hold on as well, and he’s been pretty good in the slot. I suspect Jon Robinson and Mike Mularkey and the rest of the coaches will watch this position closely in camp. If they’re not satisfied, adding some after cuts or through the waiver system is a possibility I think.”

He continues to harp on the fact that the Titans will probably look at cornerback when the wave of cuts come after the preseason games.

While you don’t expect a ton of talent to be available, this is the time where huge contracts for veterans become a lot less viable.

Someone like Jonathan Joseph could be the perfect cut target for the Titans. The Texans have young cornerbacks that they may want to push to start, because honestly that defensive backfield is going to be pretty mediocre either way.

So then the question becomes, do you pay a CB3 $6.5 million that would completely come off of the books if they cut him? I don’t know, especially considering they didn’t re-sign their only young CB with the real potential to be an above average starter.

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Joseph to the Titans makes a lot of sense as the defensive version of Eric Decker. You can use him as a niche boundary CB that pushes Logan Ryan to the slot in certain situations.

It is those types of decisions that Jon Robinson, Mike Mularkey and the coaches on this staff will be discussing with each other right now during the quiet before the storm.

Will the Titans look to get some more veterans in niche roles? Will they look to add young talent that the numbers just didn’t work out for? I don’t know, but it is fun to think about and with Jon Robinson anything is possible.