This is NOT the Tennessee Titans worst contract

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Bleacher Report nails the Tennessee Titans best contract, but misses wide on the worst.

Marcus Mariota is an outstanding quarterback and the Tennessee Titans are lucky to have him.

When you see his body of work, you can’t help but think the sky is the limit. He has accuracy, athleticism, leadership ability, versatility, and has shown that while he is refined he is far from done growing.

So when Bleacher Report came out with their list of best and worst contracts for each team, it came as little surprise that Mariota was their choice of best contract for the Titans. Not only that, he is the cover image for the entire article.

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Mariota is making around $6 million per year with a fifth year option that could be activated. That is about a $20 million per year discount for a franchise QB of Mariota’s caliber.

However, below Mariota’s contract I noticed a familiar name: Logan Ryan.

You remember him right? The Tennessee Titans starting cornerback that allowed them to take Adoree Jackson to be the CB2.

The guy who fits exactly what Jon Robinson looks for in a cornerback and who is coming off of a season where he was a versatile starter for the Super Bowl winning New England Patriots.

The guy who is one of the best in the NFL at pass break ups and run support. That is the one Bleacher Report called the Titans worst contract.

Now before I got too mad, I did what everyone should do and heard the author out. To be fair he did qualify it by saying this:

“Logan Ryan, like so many of the bad contracts on here, is a good player being compensated like a great one.”

Alright, at least he isn’t saying that Ryan isn’t a good cornerback because that would have been infuriating. The next question is, “Is he really being overpaid?”

Remember, he is the straw that stirs the drink in the Tennessee Titans defensive backfield now. His ability to play CB1 and move inside to SCB is huge for this team. It means that Adoree Jackson gets to play CB2 and doesn’t have to shift inside.

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  • LeShaun Sims should be the third cornerback that comes in and kicks Ryan inside giving the Titans solid cornerback play that really doesn’t leave anyone out of position.

    Back to Ryan, let’s look at what his average per year is against other CBs in the NFL. Right now, Ryan is the 14th highest paid CB on that list.

    That seems about right to me. He is only making $500,00 more per year than the Atlanta Falcons CB2 who most of the people that watch the NFL can’t even name.

    Meanwhile, CBs like Byron Maxwell, Jimmy Smith and Dre Kirkpatrick are all making more than Ryan on a per year basis. So that is a pretty cheap deal.

    People tend to forget that once a CB gets his second contract that is usually their big pay day. CBs usually want a long contract to get them paid in full for the peak of their career.

    If a 26-year old star CB signs a 6-year deal it gets them paid until they are 32, which is well beyond the peak for most CBs in the NFL.

    So that means that the majority of CBs in the NFL are either cheap and too old, or they are on their rookie deals. What I am saying is that you have to pay to get a quality starting CB hitting their peak.

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    I think Ryan is easily a top-20 CB in the NFL, especially when you consider his importance and fit with the Tennessee Titans. So, this deal may be bad on paper, but the only reason it may be the worst is because of just how well Jon Robinson has done in making this one of the best rosters in the NFL.

    The Titans have a ton of money for the future and no contracts that look stupid on paper. That is something very few teams can say and it bodes well for Tennessee’s short and long-term future.