Tennessee Titans: End of Week Notes and Links – Long-Term Edition

JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 24: Marcus Mariota /

Bringing you the best bits of news or information about the Tennessee Titans that has circulated around the internet during the week.

Missed anything about the Tennessee Titans throughout the week? Fear not, for we are here to bring you whatever you might have missed about your favorite team! This week features a lot of speculation about the bright future of the Titans.

Let’s go in order!

ESPN’s Texans reporter Sarah Barshop, Jaguars reporter Michael DiRocco and Colts reporter Mike Wells did a Q&A to decide who they believed had set itself up for long-term with the way they approached and built up their rosters. All three reporters believe the Titans have set themselves up best in the AFC South, with all three citing Marcus Mariota and their two great running backs as a big reason for it. The times have changed for Titans fans.

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Mariota is playing coy about the inevitable huge contract that is coming his way. Asked about the quarterback contract landscape and the idea that he could be the first $30M per year player, Mariota sidestepped as well he does in the pocket and said that he “can’t think about next season or the season after that”. To the delight of Titans fans’ years, Mariota admitted that “I’d love to be in Nashville and I think the Titans are such a great organization, that it would be a lot of fun to play for them for a long time”. Yes, it would.

Rank took a trip down memory lane for the Titans, reaching all the way back into the Oilers days and going through the history of the franchise up until the current day. Rank cites the Titans players’ enthusiasm for the Nashville Predators during their Stanley Cup run as a huge reason to root for the Titans: “Wouldn’t you want to back a team that like — one that has the back of the other sports team in town?” Rank culminated his thoughts on why the Titans are the team to root for well: “So, the line is great. You have a franchise quarterback to root for. Two quality running backs. Corey Davis. Jessie James’ husband. (I kid — I’m an Eric Decker guy.) The defense is coming around. Plus, Titans fans are pretty cool. Nashville is one of the best up-and-coming towns”.

There are a lot of good quotes from Washburn in his interview, including calling Jason Babin a “psycho” and saying he wants to vomit when thinking about Jevon Kearse it was a “wasted career” and he “just got rich”. Washburn’s honesty will always be missed. So will his coaching ability.

Silva has DeMarco Murray (#12), Eric Decker (#73), Derrick Henry (#82), Marcus Mariota (#93), Delanie Walker (#97), Rishard Matthews (#123) and Corey Davis (#131) in the July version of his top 150. I find it hard to argue with any of Titans rankings, and don’t see any omissions. The local media is currently very high on Taywan Taylor, but I still think he ends up being the fourth-most predictive wide receiver. I also believe Decker and Matthews should be closer to each other in terms of ranking. I can see both having very similar seasons.