Looking at the Tennessee Titans 2017 NFL schedule post draft

Mar 4, 2017; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Clemson Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson and Clemson Tigers wide receiver Mike Williams watch the broad jump during the 2017 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 4, 2017; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Clemson Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson and Clemson Tigers wide receiver Mike Williams watch the broad jump during the 2017 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports /

What does the 2017 Tennessee Titans schedule look like post draft.

Well there it is. The 2017 NFL Draft is officially in the books and it is bittersweet for the Tennessee Titans.

The good is that they did it. They had a great draft where they turned a solid team into one with dynamic playmakers in every phase of the game.

The bad news is that, it is over. Jon Robinson did such a good job that now we have to sit and wait for months until we get anything close to real football.

One thing we can and will do, is analyze every little thing. This is the time to really figure out what makes this team work and what this team will and should look like in 2017.

For all intents and purposes the board is set and everyone knows what the other rosters look like. So, how does the Tennessee Titans 2017 schedule look now? Which teams failed to impress in the draft and which teams got better?

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Week 1: Oakland Raiders- Easier

The Tennessee Titans should have been most concerned that the Raiders would have addressed stopping the running game and the front seven in the draft. Instead, they took a cornerback who does have some issues tackling and a safety.

While Obi Melifonwu may help some in the running game, he is almost a redundancy with Karl Joseph currently the strong safety. Their bottom-10 rushing defense should continue to be a weakness the Tennessee Titan target.

Week 2: Jacksonville Jaguars- Easier

I don’t really understand the Jaguars draft. I know it was counter intuitive to the public big board, but Christian McCaffrey was a much better fit for that offense than Leonard Fournette. Look at this breakdown by Alfie Crow on the fit and what to expect from the Jaguars offense before the draft.

History shoes that the Jaguars are likely to be a shotgun team to help their quarterback perceive pressure and analyze defenses. The issue is that Fournette had major issues playing out of the shotgun in his college career.

So with that conflict front and center, what are they going to do? If they do go to a more under center offense, they have to worry about Cam Robinson struggling against pass rushers while Blake Bortles has his back turned to the defense.

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Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South
Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South /


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  • Week 3: Seattle Seahawks- Easier

    The Seattle Seahawks went into this draft desperately needing to protect their QB from hits. Unfortunately they decided to take a defensive linemen with character issues with their first pick.

    Sure, they took oversized center Ethan Pocic from LSU with their second pick, but are they really going to play him at tackle? Man, that would be a nightmare decision. If you have a great offensive lineman that can play tackle in the NFL, then they would play it in college.

    Week 4: Houston Texans- Easier

    The Texans needed help on the offensive line, quarterback, running back, and safety. Now they have Deshaun Watson who is fine, but instead of grabbing an offensive tackle like Taylor Moton or a guard like Dion Dawkins they took a linebacker?

    So now you are going to put a QB who has the tendency to scramble a little too soon, behind a mediocre at best OL? Combine that with facing Dick LeBeau, who is a master at making rookie QBs feel uncomfortable and I think this game became easier.

    Week 5: Miami Dolphins- Harder

    This team should be better offensively than they were when the Tennessee Titans faced them early in 2016. On top of that, they did add a few very nice pieces.

    Guys like Charles Harris and Cordrea Tankersley should help against the pass, while Raekwon McMillan and Davon Godchaux should help against the run.

    Week 6: Indianapolis Colts- Harder

    I love the Malik Hooker pick for any team. I am curious why he fell so far and there are rumblings that his injury could be worse than people think. Tarell Basham is a guy who I though had the upside to be a 3rd pass rusher in the NFL in time.

    Zach Banner was one of the worst players at any position I saw in the predraft process, and Quincy Wilson should be a mark for the Titans based on his mediocre tackling and average athleticism. They should find both presnap and attack them.

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    Week 7: Cleveland Browns- Harder

    I mean, it wasn’t tough for the Browns to be a tougher matchup for the Titans than they were in the offseason when they did relatively nothing to help themselves. Adding Myles Garrett alone was enough to make them a more difficult opponent.

    I think Jabrill Peppers will struggle early to adapt and Njoku will probably have to be used as a receiver only, but both do have talent.

    Week 9: Baltimore Ravens- Easier

    The Ravens loaded up on defense this draft, but that wasn’t their issue last year. I don’t understand why they went so heavy on that side of the ball instead of adding talent on offense.

    The 12th worst scoring offense passed on O.J. Howard, Taywan Taylor/Joe Mixon/Alvin Kamara, Ardarius Stewart/Carlos Henderson/Chris Godwin in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round respectively. I just don’t understand what their thought process was.

    Week 10: Cincinnati Bengals- Harder

    The Bengals got playmakers this offseason just like the Tennessee Titans did.

    In the draft they went after John Ross and Joe Mixon, who both have some big red flags. Having said that, if both play up to their potential they can be stars in this league.

    They also go two pass rushers with a lot of upside in Jordan Willis and Carl Lawson.

    Week 11: Pittsburgh Steelers- Harder

    T.J. Watt isn’t his brother, but he is an intriguing talent with a lot of upside. He could easily be one of their better pass rushers in year one.

    Cam Sutton could come in and be their number one cornerback, which is both an indictment of the Steelers depth at CB and praise of Sutton’s talent.

    I’m not worried about their offense at all, though maybe it would have been nice for Big Ben if they would have tried to grab an offensive lineman or a tight end.

    Week 12: Indianapolis Colts- Harder

    Week 13: Houston Texans-Easier

    Week 14: Arizona Cardinals-Easier

    I was expecting the Cardinals to really find some quality starters on the offensive line this year. Instead they addressed defense with potential. Sure Haason Reddick and Budda Baker may have a lot of upside, but it may take them a year to put it together.

    For Reddick, it will be his first year ever playing linebacker, much less playing it at the NFL level. Baker faces a the same battle as Peppers, in that he plays that sort of in the box safety role. The difference with Baker and Peppers is that Baker’s team already has someone playing that role, so what does he do?

    Week 15: San Francisco 49ers- Harder

    Getting Solomon Thomas was a good get, but I struggle to find how he, Arik Armstead and Deforest Buckner will all coexist on the same defense. However, what is easy to see is how Reuben Foster and Navarro Bowman will coexist.

    That defense looks a lot better on paper and it gives them a unit that you really have to prepare for. Unfortunately, there is still a two man race for QB that involves Matt Barkley and Brian Hoyer so the offense should still give the Tennessee Titans plenty of chances to win that matchup.

    Week 16: Los Angeles Rams-Easier

    The Rams had one of the worst drafts that I saw. They got a developmental tight end and a slot wide receiver, both things that they already had on the team. No offensive line help, no boundary wide receiver help both of which were big needs to me. I don’t get it.

    Week 17: Jacksonville Jaguars-Easier