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Tennessee Titans trade talks


Some very early trade talks involving the Tennessee Titans.

I promised I tried to wait, but Jon Robinson started it this week saying that everyone would be foolish not to examine every possibility during the 2017 NFL Draft. What he was saying (without saying) is that the Tennessee Titans are very interested in trading during the draft.

The spot that makes the most sense to me is pretty clear, that is the Cleveland Browns at pick 12.

So, let’s walk though some of my thoughts here. Some people are saying that the Cleveland Browns really like Clemson QB Deshaun Watson. Likewise, other people are saying that they are hearing rumors that Mitch Trubisky is the guy for Cleveland.

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Either way, it seems like the Cleveland Browns are pretty solidly in the market for a QB. So, why is that a big deal. Well, in a recent “Ask 5” article from NFL insider Daniel Jeremiah, 5 anonymous front office people around the league all said that Myles Garrett is the clear favorite to be drafted with the top spot.

So, if Garrett is the favorite for #1 overall despite the Browns QB interest, that means that they are going to try to get him with their second 1st round pick. The only problem is that they would have to hope that the New York Jets (and others) pass on their guy with the 6th, 7th, 10th, and 11th picks in the draft.

We also know that the Browns are probably not going to need all the picks they have amassed in the last two years, so if they really like one of the QBs you can bet that they are going to try to pull off what the Oakland Raiders did a few years ago when they got a blue-chip QB and EDGE player.

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  • There is an easy solution to all of this: trade with the Tennessee Titans. Using the standard draft trade value chart the math is pretty easy here on what it would take for the Browns to get the Titans 5th overall pick:

    Cleveland Browns get: 5th overall pick (their QB)

    Tennessee Titans get: 12th overall pick, 33rd overall pick (top of the 2nd round)

    Then everyone is all squared up. The Tennessee Titans get a little more value out of the deal, but they also are the Browns best chance at getting their QB. I would imagine that Hue Jackson will be very insistent this year that they give him someone to work with.

    So, to show you that dropping out of the top-5 is not catastrophic for the Tennessee Titans, here is a quick show of the haul I got using Fansided.

    Round 1, pick 12: Marshon Lattimore CB, Ohio State

    Round 1, pick 18: Derek Barnett EDGE, Tennessee

    Round 2, pick 33: John Ross WR, Washington

    Round 3, pick 83: Eddie Jackson S/KR, Alabama

    Round 3, pick 100: Corn Elder CB, Miami

    So that would dramatically change this class. They get a top CB, a talented edge rusher, a game changing WR, a safety who is dynamic in the kicking game, and an aggressive slot CB who can start immediately.