The Shrine Game is huge for the Tennessee Titans


Tennessee Titans fans need to put their eyes on the Shrine Game this weekend.

Whether you know it or not, Jon Robinson put a lot of value in the East-West Shrine Game last year, which makes it a must watch for Tennessee Titans fans this year.

If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, look at the players Robinson drafted from that game:

Tajae Sharpe

Sharpe was one of the top receivers at the game last year, and a strong All-Star game combined with his elite collegiate production must have played huge factors in the Tennessee Titans drafting him.

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LeShaun Sims

For most of the season it looked like this pick could have been a wasted one, but credit Jon Robinson for finding a player he knew his team could develop. If you told me next year the Titans made a big move at safety and added a CB1 then there could be a really heated battle between he and Jason McCourty for the other CB spot.

Right now, I would probably give the edge to Sims.

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Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South
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  • Aaron Wallace

    Maybe the biggest surprise for the Tennessee Titans this year was Wallace. Fair or not, many people pictured Wallace as an afterthought of the draft, likely relegated to special teams.

    However, Wallace showed to me that he can do that as well as play ILB or EDGE depending on the situation. His speed was something that no other Tennessee Titans player had and it will likely get him more playing time heading into year 2.

    So, now that you saw three player who really exceeded expectations, you realize that Jon Robinson is eyeing guys at games like this that should be solid contributors after the midpoint of the season. In fact, you could say that all three should be starters or heavy contributors in year two.

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    There will be a little article later on the prospects that Josh Norris has singled out and which ones I think fit Jon Robinson’s history. So keep an eye out for that today.