2017 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10 Picks


We love doing mock drafts for the Titans, but what about the other teams? Let’s explore how the top 10 draft picks could play out.

We’ve given you plenty of articles on what the Tennessee Titans will do with their first round picks. But we haven’t explored which direction the other teams in the first round will go. A full mock draft would be quite a process, but the top 10 is a good starting point. Let’s see how the initial 10 picks of the draft might play out.

No. 1 – Cleveland Browns

Pick: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

There’s no doubt that the Browns need a franchise quarterback. But as they showed last year by trading out of No. 2, they won’t take a risk on a developmental project that they don’t believe in (Carson Wentz). This team needs talent at nearly every position, so expect them to pick the most talented player in the draft, Myles Garrett. Garrett is in the mold of a Von Miller/Khalil Mack type of pass rusher and game changer on defense. He’s a no brainer.

No. 2 – San Francisco 49ers

Pick: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

Teams are going to take at least one quarterback in the top 5, whether it be a team trading up or a team staying put. The 49ers aren’t going to rely on Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert going into next season, and I can see owner Jed York making a splash pick in Watson. Watson has flaws, but he’s a dynamic passer and runner. The Niners need a new face for their franchise, and I believe they’ll choose the National Championship winner to be their guy.

No. 3 – Chicago Bears

Pick: Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

Trubisky seems to fit John Fox’s profile for a quarterback in his offense. Fox had Jake Delhomme in Carolina, Peyton Manning in Denver, and Matt Barkley for most of last year in Chicago. Jay Cutler won’t be back, so the Bears will be looking for a new signal caller. Trubisky had an impressive 2016 in his first year as a starter. Teams will fall in love with his intangibles, his arm, and his measurables. Whether he’s actually good or not, I’m not sure, but an NFL team will convince themselves that he will be.

No. 4 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: Jonathan Allen, DL, Alabama

Many mocks have the Jaguars going with a running back here, but why would they invest that capital for that position? They drafted T.J. Yeldon relatively early just two years ago and signed Chris Ivory to a relatively big contract last offseason. Instead, they’ll go with the best player on the board. Allen is a disruptive force on the interior

No. 5 – Tennessee Titans

Pick: Jamal Adams, S, LSU

The more I think about what the Titans are going to do with this pick, the more I think they bypass Mike Williams and go defense. They’ll have their pick of Adams, Foster, and Hooker. I lean Adams because he’s more of a strong safety type (though he has outstanding range as a center fielder as well), allowing impressive Kevin Byard to play more of a free safety role. Adams would be a huge step in the right direction in getting the defense fixed.

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No. 6 – New York Jets

Pick: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama

The Jets took a linebacker in the first round last year, but they can’t afford to pass on Foster. Foster is rangy in both coverage and run stopping, can fly across the field, and can lay the wood on any offensive player. The Jets lack playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Foster will fill at least one hole on that defense.

No. 7 – Los Angeles Chargers

Pick: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

The Chargers sorely missed Eric Weddle, who left for Baltimore, in 2016, as they were in the bottom half of pass defense by yards allowed. With a solid trio of cornerbacks in Jason Verrett, Casey Hayward, and Brandon Flowers, adding Hooker would be the last piece to the puzzle of solving all secondary issues. After Joey Bosa last year, the Chargers will have added two Ohio State defensive players that will be stars at the next level.

No. 8 – Carolina Panthers

Pick: Dalvin Cook, RB, FSU

Jonathan Stewart is a good, solid running back. But he isn’t a dynamic one. He’ll also be 30 years old next season and is a non factor in the passing game. The Panthers could use a cornerback, but there isn’t a surefire option at No. 8. Instead, they take Cook, who is a game changing talent at the running back position. He can break off a long touchdown run at any moment, and he can do it on the ground or through the air.

No. 9 – Cincinnati Bengals

Pick: Derek Barnett, EDGE, Tennessee

The Bengals need an edge player for an underwhelming defense. Barnett isn’t lengthy or explosive, but his production is undeniable. He uses his strengths to the best of his ability while constantly getting pressure in pass rush and stuffing the run.

No. 10 – Buffalo Bills

Pick: Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

I’m not quite sure what the Bills are doing with Tyrod Taylor. He’s pretty clearly the best quarterback they’ve had in quite some time, yet they are running him out of town. With a new coach in charge, look for the Bills to find a new quarterback in the offseason. I don’t think they’ll do it with their first round pick, though. Instead, they’ll get a weapon for whoever will be behind center. The Bills have five receivers slated for free agency and need a complementary piece for Sammy Watkins, who has injury concerns himself. Williams is a big-bodied playmaker, something the Bills lacked last year.