Tennessee Titans perfect free agent target


While Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson isn’t looking for a big splash, this would be a player that really fits his style.

For the first time in a long time, I don’t look down at my spreadsheet and think, “Man where do I even start with the needs for the Tennessee Titan.”

However, there is one spot that Jon Robinson and the Titans are probably thinking hard about upgrading even if no one else is talking about it: right guard.

Heading into the season the Titans thought that they could get Chance Warmack’s full potential out of him with a great coach like Russ Grimm. However, early in the season Warmack suffered a hand injury and elected to put himself on IR rather than try to play through the pain.

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I won’t ever comment on an NFL player playing through pain because the have to go through some intense stuff that most fans couldn’t even imagine. However, there seemed to be an idea that he could recover by going on short term IR and come back to the team if he didn’t have surgery. Instead he elected to have surgery and the Titans were not happy by several accounts.

So, in steps Josh Kline who did a pretty good job all at right guard and helped solidify one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

Now, I think Kline is fine but I think there is going to be a right guard that quietly hits the market who is a top-5 right guard in the NFL: Kevin Zeitler.

I didn’t even really think about him coming out until I saw Joe Goodberry tweet about the Cincinnati Bengals and their free agent policy. Even if they have a good free agent to be, if they are set to get paid then they almost don’t even really bid on them.

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  • This is especially when they bring in rookies (like they have) to replace you. They did this with Jonathan Joseph and it has haunted them since.

    Now, Goodberry also notes that a top guard now is likely to make anywhere from $8.5 million to $11 million. I’m not sure I expect the Tennessee Titans to throw that kind of money his way, but if they think they can get a great player who is 26 and who makes their offensive line even better, I think they may do it.

    Eric Berry, Jamie Collins, Melvin Ingram, and all those other big name blue-chip FAs are on my wish list, but getting a great young player that is undervalued by his team is such a Jon Robinson move that it is hard to forget now that it is in my head.