2017 NFL Draft scouting report: Marlon Humphrey

How will the Tennessee Titans look at Alabama cornerback Marlon Humphrey in the 2017 NFL Draft?

This draft is deep at cornerback, and one of the names that you will hear a lot about heading into the offseason is Marlon Humphrey. After seeing more a lot of connections made between the Tennessee Titans and Humphrey, I decided to take a look at where his fit would be in Nashville.

Marlon Humphrey

CB, Alabama

6’1, 198 lb.

Games Watched: Tennessee, TAMU, Auburn


-Really long cornerback that has an athletic background. His father Bobby Humphrey was a running back in the NFL, and he himself actually took the silver medal in the 2013 Youth Championships in hurdles (an Olympic caliber event).

-Really makes a lot of plays with the ball in the air.

-Plays man very well for someone so long.

-Physical during routes which really makes it hard to find WRs on timing throws.

-Reads outside runs, screens, quick passes, etc. very well at attacks downhill.

-Doesn’t sit back and let the ball come to him when he has a cushion.


-Really plays a big percentage of his snaps as the LCB on the boundary which isn’t a knock but limits how a team can use him.

-Raw technique, despite two years with Nick Saban.

-Has the Alabama curse, which is the fact that he is probably already maxed out in terms of potential thanks to a great defensive staff and great surrounding talent.

-Occasionally gets beat deep by faster WRs.


-Humphrey is a nice young athlete who makes a lot of plays on a team where it is hard to standout. Humphrey may get a lot of differing opinions in war rooms. On one hand, he has so much potential and he flashes the playmaking ability that teams covet at cornerback. On the other hand, potential is a word that GMs hate because it gets them fired if coaches don’t deliver on their end.

In a deep CB class he could really be taken anywhere in the top-40 picks, but a GM is going to have to trust that his defensive staff can get at least as much out of Humphrey as the Alabama staff, if they are going to take him high.

What is he?

-He is a true CB1 in most every scheme. While he may not be ready Day 1, his splash play ability is going to get him on the field early in his career. I’m not sure how he will fair against crafty or exceptionally WRs, but a smart defensive coordinator won’t leave him on an island with those guys without bringing some pressure.

Grade: Late 1st