An Open Letter To Marcus Mariota’s Fibula

Mandatory Credit: Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports /

Dear Marcus Mariota’s Fibula:

Thank you for being there for us all season. You stayed strong for 23 years, but this was your time to falter. We had a good run in Tennessee, but it was not quite enough to take us to the promise land. As a fan base, we offer you a speedy recovery and as little pain as possible to come back stronger than ever next season. As our playoff hopes started to crack and crumble so did you…

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This season brought a lot of hope to Titans fans and created an atmosphere that promotes winning. The season has an opportunity to be a winning one and definitely cannot be a losing one, making it a success no matter what. The only problem is that Tennessee will be missing the playoffs for the 7th straight year.

I know this is not completely your fault. The problem is every Titans fan was hoping for a comeback against the Jaguars and you really did not help us with that. By injuring our only hope for a resurgence against an inspired Jaguars team I am a little angry with you. I mean come on, did you really think Matt Cassel could really do anything? Yes I know he had a good season with the Patriots once upon a time, but Bill Belichick could win with any starting quarterback. Even though our hopes and dreams of playoff football were slim when you fractured, it was a devastating blow.

Yes, some of the blame can go to Sheldon Day for tackling our star but that is just part of the game. I heard surgery went well and am grateful for that. Please come back stronger than ever and help us to become a playoff ready team next season.


Tennessee Titans Fans

P.S. Don’t you dare do this again.