Titans in Great Shape!


At the end of mini camp players on the Titans roster were informed that before training camp began they would be given a conditioning test. They were also informed whom ever did not pass this test would be in serious jeopardy of losing their job.

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The test would consist of 200 yards of shuffle runs within a certain time limit. The time limit was adjusted to different position groups. This was a way to let the players no their off season was over, and that they’d better stay in shape.

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Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South
Titans re-signing Jeffery Simmons leaves a Hulk-sized footprint in AFC South /


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  • The good news is every single player on the team passed the test! A direct quote from Mike Mularkey “they burned more energy worrying about the test than they did actually taking the test”.

    A more detailed look at this news means several things. One, players are serious about this team, and winning games. Two, we’re taking a step in the right direction, it’s time to build off this momentum and make hard work a habit. Three, when it’s late in the game, it’s coming down to a nail biter the other team is gased out from our physical style of play our players should still have some juice left in the tank. We lost to many games by blowing it in the fourth quarter last season and that problem is being addressed right off the bat, because at the end of the day a win is the only thing that matters.

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    A few notable mentions DGB looks to be in much better shape. Mularkey said he weighs 228lbs which is down 9lbs from what he came in at last year, Mularkey also mentioned how the feeling of Sharpe playing ahead of him could attribute to this outcome, and that a lot of folks are going to be surprised when they see him in the pre-season.

    Mularkey mentioned Andre Johnson is in great shape, even though he hasn’t made it to the facility yet. He said “you can tell he’s in great shape just by looking at him. He’s a guy who takes really good care of his body, and loves to play football.”. Mularkey also believes Johnson can still be productive on the feild as well as a veteran presence for the team.

    Mariota is up to 222lbs and believes this is his optimal weight from his 215lbs last year. He believes at this weight he can maintain his speed, as well as be stronger and more durable.