Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football options


It’s almost time for football season, which means it’s almost time for fantasy football. Let’s take a look at the Tennessee Titans skill player positions and see if they can help you win your league.

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Delanie Walker

Delanie Walker has been the star of this offense ever since he arrived in Nashville. He’s consistently been an elite level tight end since he stepped out of Vernon Davis’ shadow. If you are going to target one Tennessee Titans player in fantasy football in the early rounds, it needs to be Walker.

Projected points: 145

Projected draft position: round 4-6

Marcus Mariota 

Mariota looks to be the real deal. He’s a duel threat quarterback with pinpoint accuracy. He has still been working on improving, but he is gonna need help from the rest of the offense to become that must have quarterback. He is a bit of a wild card to where he may put up a little below average points or he could be that guy who takes the roof off, it’s just to early to tell at this point.

Projected points: 255

Projected draft position: round 15-undrafted. 

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  • DeMarco Murray 

    DeMarco was a still two years ago where he went in the 3rd or 4th round and then lead the league. The next year however he became a bust, people drafted him in the first round of most leagues, and he put up below average numbers. Now he comes to Nashville to fill a feature back role. He will be playing in a scheme more suited to his talents, however drafting Derrick Henry could hurt his stock and the offensive line isn’t as dominant as what he had in Dallas.

    Projected points: 180

    Projected draft position: round 3-6

    Kendall Wright

    Kendall Wright had a big rookie and sophomore year, but then the team hired Ken Whisenhunt and his numbers plummeted. Now the team looks to establish a run first identity, but Kendall looks to be the favorite to hold the number one receiver spot.

    Projected points: 84

    Projected draft position: round 14- undrafted. 

    Rishard Matthews and DGB

    Right now it is not clear who the starting receivers will be for the Titans. Rishard Matthews is a quick shifty receiver who is good at getting yards after the catch. Last year he was a solid and reliable WR2 to have. With DGB it’s a boom or bust type style much like with Marcus. With his size and speed he can go deep and win jump balls, and he’s also a major threat in the red zone. He just needs to play more consistent and win a starting job.

    Rishard Matthews: Projected points: 78

    DGB: Projected points: 115

    Rishard Matthews: Projected draft position: round 14- undrafted 

    DGB: Projected draft position: round 12- 14


    I think the only people who knows this are Titan’s fans, but our defense is pretty darn good. We have an elite pass rusher in Jurrell Casey, two good pass rushers in Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan, two good middle linebackers in Avery Williamson and Wesley Woodyard, added some good Talent and depth in this year’s draft, we’re coached by Dick LeBeau! This could be a top 5 defense in the league and a top 10 in fantasy. One thing we need to work on is forcing turnovers and adding Rashad Johnson and Kevin Byard should help with that, along with Jason McCourty and Parrish Cox coming back healthy.

    Projected points: 110

    Projected draft position: round 14- undrafted 

    Derrick Henry 

    Derrick Henry is another boom or bust option. If you believe in handcuffs and you pick DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry should be on your team. The question really is how much of Murray’s work load will he take? He should be the Titans go to running back in 3rd and short and goal line situation, so I believe if your using him to fill in for another players bye week he will be dependent on touchdowns. If Murray were to go down he should be an instant RB2.

    Projected points: 95

    Projected draft position: round 12- 15

    Players to have on your watch list.

    Tajae Sharpe– Tajae has been the star of the Titan’s offseason. It’s looking like he could actually find a job as one of the starters on this team. Mularkey has said himself that Sharpe has been consistently the most consistent receiver.

    • Justin Hunter– I know Justin has consistently let you down over the years, he has me too. But coach Mularkey has been spending a lot of time with him coaching him up and trying to build his confidence. It’s a long shot but Hunter is still a young player and crazier things have happened in this league.

    Dexter McCluster– McCluster has never been a real fantasy option but with thunder and thunder in the back field McCluster’s unique skill set there’s no telling what the coaches will come up with for him. He could be used as a receiver, change of pace back, and a kick returner if your league awards points for that.

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    My best advice is to watch the preseason, every team. Watch which player is out playing who. Even if one player is lower on the depth chart than another if their consistently out playing the player above them eventually the chart will flop.

    My personal story with this fantasy football phenomenon is two years ago (my first time ever playing fantasy) I drafted Emmanuel Sanders in the 6th round. At that time Wes Welker was playing ahead of him, but I watched the preseason and I constantly seen Sanders out play Welker. That year Sanders put up WR1 numbers.