What we learned from Mini Camp.


On day 3 of Mini Camp the Titans got a surprise day off. It wasn’t given though, it was earned.

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Mularkey had planned to give the team the day off as a reward for their hard work, but Amy Adams Strunk showed up and wanted to see a competition with her own eyes. The competition was a relay race with the big guys. The team included Taylor Lewan, Chance Warmack, Daquan Jones, and Angelo Blackson. The goal was for the guys to take a lap around the field before a certain amount of time expired, and they did so. Parrish Cox mentioned he was surprised how fast Taylor Lewan was and had to sprint to keep up with him.

Here are a few notes on what we learned from the mini camp as a whole, you should be pleased.

DeMarco Murray is a leader. 

Coaches and players rave about Murray’s vocal leader skills, but this is what Murray had to say about it ” I try to lead by example, working hard to show guys you have to work, but if something needs saying I’ll say it”. Titan’s running back coach described Murray as a coaches dream because of his work ethic, talent, and said as good of football player he is he’s an even better human being.

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  • Tajae Sharpe is the real deal. 

    It looks as though Jon Robinson can find talent in the late rounds, which really is the make or break quality of a GM. As of right now on the unofficial depth chart Tajae is a starter. Mularkey said he is the most consistent receiver we have on the field right now. Could this mean he’s looking at possibly being the “X” receiver?

    Justin Hunter and DGB need to step up. 

    Tajae Sharpe has came in and stolen these guys starting jobs as of right now. Tajae is a rookie drafted in the fifth round while Hunter and DGB are both second round picks. Both players have showed flashes but both struggle with consistency. The trouble is DGB is still young and raw, while Hunter is having confidence issues. Mike Mularkey is doing his best to resolve these problems, and if he does this team will have a dangerous receiving corps.

    Marcus continues to improve. 

    The team says that they can see a real difference in Mariota from year one to year two. They say his confidence has sky rocketed and he’s become more verbal. He continues to work on his deep ball and talks to receivers about how he wants the routes run. The team should have a few more designed runs for him in the coming year as well.

    Defensive secondary has improved. 

    When Mularkey was asked what area of the team he sees the most improvement from his answer was the secondary and obviously the run game. This year the secondary is winning more plays than they did at this time last year. Jason McCourty is healthy again and that counts for a lot. Kevin Byard has been making plays at practice, but the coach has to get on to him a little bit for over celebrating. Mularkey has confirmed that the competition for the second corner spot and slot corner spot has come down to Perrish Cox and Brice McCain.

    Cut candidates. 

    Although no names were mentioned Justin Hunter had a pretty interesting quote in one of his interviews, ” I’m just gonna keep working out. Mularkey told us if we come back and fail the conditioning test we don’t deserve to be here”. Sounds like whoever fails this test is going to get a big knock down on their player evaluation. Mularkey said the test will consist of 200 yards of shuffle runs with a five minute break in between. The guys will have a time limit to complete this test, the test’s time limit will be different depending on the position group.

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    Overall this sounds pretty promising. The run game should help us win this close games we lost last year. Mariota improving and having better weapons may help from us having such close games, and the secondary improving should help us not get beat on them fluke plays like last year. The team still has some growing to do, but we’ve taken a big step forward into becoming the winning franchise this team was meant to be.