Mini Camp: Day 1 review.


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The Tennessee Titans have started their three day mini camp, which means we’re one step closer to the pre-season, which means we’re one step closer to the season also.

This mini camp was open for season ticket holders to come watch, which isn’t typical. Mularkey said there was a few a fights on the feild, but that is a common thing during the first few months before the season.

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  • Here are a few points from yesterday’s practice.

    • Tajae Sharpe is getting reps with the first team. Sharpe impressed during OTA’s and it seems that success is carrying over. Mularkey said he has been the most consistent receiver and that is the reason he is getting more reps. He added that if he was one of the young veterans it would light a fire under him to see a rookie come in and steal reps. I can’t wait to see him perform in a live game, so I can see what he’s about for myself

    • Continuing with receivers, Justin Hunter made a few good plays (don’t get your hopes up yet, he seems to always be the star of practices). During the stretching portion of the day before practice Mularkey told him that he is going to have one on one situation and he’s gonna have to make a play. He followed up by telling him the only person that can cover him is himself.

    • Mariota continues to work on his deep ball.

    • DeMarco Murray is becoming the vocal leader of the team. Coaches and players both will tell you he’s not afraid to speak his mind to anyone or any position group. Taylor Lewan is also becoming the vocal leader of the offensive line.

    • Coach Mularkey has come up with away to punish the team for pre-snap penalties and it seems to be working. During OTA’s Mularkey said the team had 115 penalties, which averaged a little over 10 a day, today the team had two penalties. The punishment is whoever commits a penalty has to watch the rest of the team do push-ups. The team believes this brings accountability to the player, and that he can visible see how his mistake effects the rest of the team.

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    Today sounded like a good day. The team is working on cutting down since less penalties so we don’t beat ourselves. Marcus is a good Quarterback back who is focusing on getting better. Justin Hunter is starting to get his confidence back (which I give all the credit in the world to Mile Mularkey for that). The offense has some team leaders emerging, which I think it’s lacked the last few years. It’s looking like we found a late round gem in Tajea Sharpe who specializes in the two most critical aspects of the position, running routes and catching the ball.

    Last but certainly not least I love the “Penalty Punishment Push-ups” the team doesn’t call it that but I liked the ring to it, I also love the idea of it. Imagine someone else suffering for what you done while you watched. This has to bring accountability a person unless their just selfish enough to not care, and if that’s the case they won’t be around long, remember what Jon Robinson preaches “team first” mentality. Just in one day the numbers dropped drastically.