2013 NFL Draft Redo

Apr 30, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view as the Tennessee Titans make their pick in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 30, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view as the Tennessee Titans make their pick in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports /

After three years in the NFL teams should know what they got in their draft picks. Three years is the mark most experts say you can know if you found a stud or a dud, or something in between. At the three year mark a player begins to enter the prime of life, and has had time to adjust to the NFL game speed, so I thought it might be fun to look back at the 2013 NFL draft, and see how it might have gone if teams known then what we know now. If a trade took place I’m leaving the teams to pick where they actually made their pick.

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1.Kansas City Cheifs

The pick: Eric Fisher

Do over: Sheldon Richardson

Up 13 spots

Could you Image Sheldon Richard with the Chiefs? It’s quiet possible their division rival Broncos wouldn’t have had the number one defense in the league.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars 

The pick: Luke Jockel- OT

Do over: Jamie Collins- LB

Miami Dolphins

The pick: Dion Jordan- DE

Do over: Ezekiel Ansah-DE

Up 2 spots

Ezekiel never played much football in his life compared to most players who’ve played their whole lives, but he has turned out to be pretty darn good.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The pick: Lane Johnson- OT

Do over: Eric Fisher OT

Down 4 spots

It’s clear now Eric Fisher wasn’t the best player coming out of this draft, but he was the best offensive tackle. So he fell only fell four spots.

5. Detroit Lions

The pick: Ezekiel Ansah DE

Do over: Kawann Short DT

Up 39 spots

Yes at this point in time the Lions had Suh and Farley. Nick Farley didn’t seem to work out after leaving in free agency. Short may not be Suh, but he’s an up grade over Farley or an old Haloti Ngata.

6. Cleveland Browns

The pick: Barkevious Mingo DE

Do over: Dion Jordan DE

Down 3 spots

Dion Jordan is an amazing talent, but injuries have kept him on the sidelines a lot of his career. Still if a team could get him here, they should be skipping to the podium.

7. Arizona Cardinals

The pick: Jonathan Cooper G

Do over: Justin Pugh G

Up 13 spots

Here Arizona takes a guard just not Cooper. Justin was drafted by the Giants, and has played solid for them, but his value comes from the versatility to play solid at the Tackle position as well.

8. St. Louis Rams

The pick: Tavon Austin WR

Do over: DeAndre Hopkins WR

Up 19 spots

DeAndre Hopkins has developed into one of the best receivers in the NFL today, while Tavon Austin will give you a good play every now and then.

9. New York Jets

The pick: Dee Millner CB

Do over: Larry Warford G

Up 54 spots

The Jets were in need of an offensive lineman in this draft, and there wasn’t very many in this draft that developed into solid starters, so this pick seemed to fit here.

10. Tennessee Titans

The pick: Chance Warmack G

Do over: Desmond Trufant CB

Up 12 spots

Could you image what our Defense could be with our front seven, and a true shut down corner? We could have went a lot of different places with this, but this could put us having the number one defense since our coach is legendary Dick LeBeau after all.

11. San Diego Chargers

The pick: Dj Flucleer OT

Do over: Lane Johnson OT

Down 7 spots

Looking at the Chargers offensive line play from last year, they need a lot of help and Lane Johnson has been an above average tackle in the league so far.

12. Oakland Raiders

The pick: Dj Hayden CB

Do over: Xavier Rhodes CB

Up 13 spots

Rhodes has been very productive in the league so far in his career. The Raiders have been needing secondaries for awhile, and this pick could put them over the top.

13. New York Jets

The pick: Sheldon Richardson DE

Do over: Alec Ogletree LB

Up 17 spots

This is just a typical Rex Ryan pick here. Their player was long gone, so Rex Ryan found him another good player to add on Defense.

14. Carolina Panthers

The pick: Star Lotulelei DT

Do over: Le’Veon Bell RB

Up 34 spots

Yes Star was a crucial part of Carolina’s defense, and the team has needs on the O-line, but could you image Cam Newton and Le’Veon Bell in the same back field?   

15. New Orleans Saints 

The pick: Kenny Vaccaro S

Do over: Eric Reed S

Up 3 spots

The saints have been needing help in their secondary for awhile, and Reed has been very solid for the 49ers.

16. Buffalo Bills

The pick: Ej Manuel QB

Do over: Keenan Allan WR

Up 60 spots

Buffalo was in bad need of a receiver in this draft, in fact they spent the next two rounds drafting receivers and Keenan turned out to be pretty good with Phillip Rivers.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers 

The pick: Jarvis Jones LB

Do over: Kiko Alonso LB

Up 29 spots

Kiko has played solid football, but for some reason he keeps getting traded around. I think he would have fit in good with Pittsburgh.

18. San Francisco 49ers

The pick: Eric Reed S

Do over: Kenny Vaccaro S

Down 3 spots

Kenny has tremendous play making ability, but he has been injured a lot, and some times his football IQ is called into question, but here would be a nice place to pick him up.

19. New York Giants

The pick: Justin Pugh G

Do over: Tyler Eifert TE

Up 2 spots

Tyler is arguable the best TE in the league behind Gronk, if he could just stay on the field. He could help in the blocking game and be a great asset in the passing game.

20. Chicago Bears

The pick: Kyle Long G

Do over: Star Lotulelei DT

Down 6 spots

Star would be a great player for the bears to get here, They’ve needed help in the middle of the field, and who better than one of the key pieces of the division winning Panthers to fill that need.

21. Cincinnati Bengals

The pick: Tyler Eifert TE

Do over: Eddie Lacy RB

Up 30 spots

In the second round of the draft Cincy picked up Gio Bernard, which has worked out well, but Eddie kind of has it all, and he’s got power style of running that Cincy seems to like.

22. Atlanta Falcons

The pick: Desmond Trufant CB

Do over: Tyrann Mathieu CB/S

Up 47 spots

Atlanta was in bad need of help in the secondary this year, they spent three picks on cornerbacks and safeties. Tyrann fell out of the first round due to his drug habit and size. he’s now turned into am elite Safety and cornerback, whichever place they would like to use him.

23. Minnesota Vikings 

The pick: Sharrif Flyod DT

Do over: Jonathan Hankins DT

Up 26 spots

Jonathan is really good at rushing the passer up the middle, he has great burst, speed, and technique. He could help any team he’s on.

24. Indianapolis Colts

The pick: Bjorn Warner DE

Do over: Darius Slay CB

Up 12 spots

Darius hasn’t been elite, but he’s been dependable, and that’s just something the colts cant seem to find.

25. Minnesota Vikings 

The pick: Xavier Rhodes CB

Do over: Travis Frederick C

Up 6 spots

The Vikings did have a need up front, and why not the man in the middle of the best offensive line in football?

26. Green bay Packers

The pick: Datone Jones DE

Do over: Travis Kelce TE

Up 37 spots

Now the Packers get an elite TE to go along with their elite QB and WR, with this pick, they possibly have more super bowl wins now.  

27. Houston Texans

The pick: DeAndre Hopkins WR

Do over: Zach Ertz TE

Up 8 spots

The Texans have had a need at TE for as long as I can remember, and Ertz is better than anything they’ve ever had.

28. Denver Broncos

The pick: Sylvester Williams DT

Do over: Latavius Murray RB

Up 153 spots

Latavius had the biggest jump in this entire list. He’s not super fast but he has good speed, he’s not super powerful but he runs with good power, and he make great cuts too. This pick saves them from taking Monte Ball in the second round who turned out to be a bust.

29. Minnesota Vikings

The pick: Cordarrelle Patterson WR

Do over: Tavon Austin WR

Down 21 spots

Tavon has shown a few flashes over the years, and this coming year is a big one for him. One thing about him is he can be used as a receiver, running back, or returner much like Patterson, but better.

30. St. Louis Rams

The pick: Alec Ogletree LB

Do over: Dj Swearinger S

Up 27 spots

Dj a member of the Houston Texans is over shadowed by Jj Watt and the other members of that front seven members of that defense, but Dj is a hard hitter and can make plays when he needs too.

31. Dallas Cowboys

The pick: Travis Frederick C

Do over: Tj McDonald S

Up 40 spots

Tj makes since here because their offensive line is already good, they already have plenty of weapons on offense, and their front seven was pretty decent. Their secondary however has always had a question mark.

32. Baltimore Ravens

The pick: Matt Elam S

Do over: Logan Ryan CB

Up 51 spots

Like his team mate Darius Slay, Ryan isn’t elite, but he’s dependable and he fills a need for this team.