Tennessee Titans Blow Up the 2016 NFL Draft


The Tennessee Titans announced early this morning they had pulled off a block-buster deal that would send the Los Angles Rams to the top of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Titans general manager Jon Robinson gets his boat load of picks in both this year’s draft and two in 2017 that has the potential to change this franchise for a decade and former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher get his quarterback of the future.

I had felt for a long time that a trade for the number one pick made more sense for the Rams than any other team.

With a talented defense in place as the team relocated to Southern California for 2016, they were just a quarterback away from being competitive in the tough NFC West.

Along with the Ram’s 15th overall pick this year, the Titans get the 2nd round pick (43) 2nd round pick (45) 3rd round pick (76) 1st round pick in 2017 3rd round pick in 2017.

The Titans also give up 4th round pick (113) 6th round pick (177).

Along with their own remaining picks in 2016, the Titans now have the ammunition and flexibility  to move around the draft this year to fill a depleted roster that has little depth.

The possibility still exists that  Robinson could move back into the first round if there is a player that makes sense.

Jon Robinson has been very active in free agency, and now will put his personal touch on the draft.

He has continued to say that draft pick equal options, and with everyone in the AFC South getting better, he knows that if the Tennessee Titans don’t keep pace, they will get left in the dust quickly.

This trade will blow up most of the Mock Drafts up around the NFL. It will be exciting to see everyone’s new take on what will happen on draft night.

The big question that now comes to the forefront is who will the Rams draft with the first pick, North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz, or Cal’s Jared Goff.

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The speculation is that whichever QB is taken first will sit for a year behind Case Keenum, and should be ready to take the reins in 2017.

I personally think Jared Goff is the best choice for the Rams. Although he doesn’t have as big an arm as Wentz, he does have more accuracy, and his California roots have to be a big plus.

Whatever happens, the one thing we do know, this trade has made the 2016 NFL Draft, Must See TV.