Tennessee Titans: The Titans Are Not For Sale?

Nov 29, 2015; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans president Steve Underwood attends an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 29, 2015; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans president Steve Underwood attends an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

I mentioned in a comment attached to my Tennessee Titans post on Titan Sized yesterday entitled: “It’s Time to Move On” that I would no longer be complaining about the appointment of Mike Mularkey as the head coach for the 2016 season. I didn’t say anything about ownership.

Although I am willing to accept whatever happens in 2016 with Mularkey and newly hired general manager Jon Robinson, sources around the NFL are telling me this will probably be the last year Titans fans will have to deal with inept ownership.

Titans President and CEO Steve Underwood got a bit indignant during the press conference introducing Mularkey and Robinson when reporters continued to ask about the status of the team’s ownership and the possible sale of the franchise.

When asked is Robinson was comfortable with outside questions about the future of team ownership, Underwood had this to say:

"There’s no question about a potential sale of this team in the future.  The team is not for sale.  It has never been for sale."

The next question,  “if the NFL is trying to develop groups to purchase the team”

"You know, it’s really hard to do that when it’s not for sale.  You know, you can have all of the buyers in the world, but if there is not a seller, you can’t sell anything.  The team is not for sale.  It’s never been for sale.  When you find a source listed about whether or not the team is for sale, then feel free to ask those questions about that person.  I know all of the sources.  They’re the people that own the team.  I don’t know how many times we have to deny that it’s for sale.  The team is not for sale."

CBSSports NFL Insider, Jason LaConfora has a different opinion about the status of Titans future ownership.

In a article posted on January 18th: “Inside Football: If Adams family isn’t selling Titans, what is it doing?“, hiring Jon Robinson and Mile Mularkey was all about the money.

"A circuitous and long general manager search, devoid of most “A-List” candidates, was a means to an end, with the Adams family selecting a young general manger, Jon Robinson, who might be a fine choice and has a strong pedigree. But let’s be honest, this was the Adams family reaching the one conclusion they wanted all along: To go on the cheap. The same goes for promoting Mike Mularkey by stripping him of his interim title."

The NFL has never been on-board with the ownership situation the Titans are in, but as LaConfora points out in his article, they have been so busy with the Los Angeles expansion that they have not had time to deal with the Titans.

"Now that those decisions have been made, they will get back to regular business, and considering that controlling Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk did not attend the NFL meeting last week in her hometown of Houston and releasing the new-hire news during Divisional Playoffs, they have brought the situation back in focus."

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I have read comments on twitter and FaceBook where Titans fans, especially those who live in Nashville are worried the team might be sold and/or moved, and I personally don’t think the Titans will be leaving town anytime soon.

Sold maybe(hopefully), but I have read nothing about moving this team to another city.

"There are too many worthwhile candidates to take over this franchise long-term for this to play out beyond this year."

With committed, local ownership, this team could be a gold mine. Just look at how much support the team gets even after winning only five game in the past two seasons.

ESPN Titans Reporter Paul Kuharsky addressed the issue whether the NFL could force a sale of the team in a post this morning. “Titans’ top executive: NFL can’t force team to sell” after Steve Underwood visited with Midway 180 yesterday.

Underwood declined to detail the NFL’s objection to the team’s ownership structure, but said the league cannot force Bud Adams’ heirs to sell the franchise.

“Well I’ve never heard of that and the league has certainly never mentioned that to me, so I think my answer would be no,” he said. “It’s not a road we’re going down. As I say it’s never been mentioned to me as even a possibility.”

Amy Adams Strunk became the controlling owner last year during the NFL meetings, and has been somewhat visible, so it depends on which camp you listen too(Adams family or the NFL) whether you believe this team is for sale or not.

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As a Tennessee Titans fan, you have to hope the NFL has the right to force the sale. They will probably have to litigate that right, but if Jason LaConfora is right, we may see some changes before the 2017 season.

So for the 2016 season, let’s see what Jon Robinson can do to improve the talent level on this team and give Mike Mularkey the benefit of the doubt. After all, he is going to be the head coach and we just as well accept it and move on!