Biggest player to watch this weekend for the Tennessee Titans


The Tennessee Titans are fighting to cling to any sort of story line in this game. While there are a lot of overrated stories, one that I think is being under-reported is the rise of Tre McBride.

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I think that this is the most important game of Tre McBride’s career, and there is no way that he isn’t thinking that this is an audition for whoever is the next coach next year.


This is where McBride truly shines. The rookie is already one of if not the best cover man on the entire Titans roster. His ability to close down the sideline and beat blockers (including a lot of double teams) and get to the return man is special already.

I think this is the one part of his game that is already very refined and it should keep him in the NFL for a very long time.

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  • Return

    The Tennessee Titans desperately need a return man. The Titans have maybe the worst special teams unit in the league aside from the kicker and the punter, and a lot of that has to do with the instability at the return position.

    Tre McBride needs to do a better job with his decision making, but he has all the skills to be good here. He is built to withstand hits and run through contact and he can also do some very nice things in terms of weaving in and out of blocks.

    I don’t think that McBride is going to become a top-10 return man in the league, but he definitely has a case to be above average on both punt return and kick return.

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    I really like what McBride can do as a number two receiver. Many people think that he can be an interesting slot receiver, but I think that he is more than just a dynamic player. He can run nice routes and he has a great feel for where he is on the field.

    If the Titans are really serious about bringing in Hue Jackson, I think that McBride could definitely play the Mohamed Sanu role. He can play a little bit of everything and even if he can just be reliable instead of boom-or-bust like so many Titans players, he can be very valuable.