Ruston Webster is making the Titans GM search easy


Ruston Webster is the biggest question mark of the offseason. With no big expiring contract on a player, and with the head coaching situation looking more exciting than confusing the Titans face a decision on their GM. Luckily for the Titans, Ruston Webster is on an expiring contract this year.

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That is right, the Tennessee Titans GM is on the last year of his deal according to ESPN. I am one of the few that think that Webster has earned a job either here or somewhere else in the future thanks to his free agent acquisitions and some nice early and late round draft picks.

However, even I don’t defend him now that it is clear just how badly he has missed in the mid rounds and how this team has gone downhill under his management.

With an expiring contract, the Titans can let Webster go without any dead money on the books. When it is Webster vs everyone else in the league in terms of who you can have, I think ownership has to look at this logically and make a change.

While I have given some names I like, ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky put out a list of his own today. Here is my take on those names:

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  • The good (in no order):

    1. Eric Decosta, Baltimore Ravens

    Some very good moves on his resume, and he comes from a great franchise with a wonderful history of identifying and developing talent.

    2. Jon Robinson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Was key in drafting the key cogs to the team in New England, and has had some great picks with the Bucs.

    3. Chris Ballard, Kansas City Chiefs

    Kept Justin Houston last year and has found a way to build that offense and defense without any big, splashy moves.

    4. George Paton, Minnesota Vikings

    Has assembled a very nice team in Minnesota and has found steals like Charles Johnson and Stefon Diggs. He has also assembled a very nice young defense to help support his quarterback and keep him from shoot outs.

    5. Trent Kirchner, Seattle Seahawks

    Was a key personnel man in 2013-2014 before being elevated to where he is now. Those years produced essentially the core of the Seahawks.

    6. Duke Tobin, Cincinnati Bengals

    The Bengals, Cardinals and Seahawks are really the NFL’s gold standard for rebuilding a roster quickly and correctly. So, when a promising young scout from one of these teams whose father was a GM twice is available, you can bet he is going to have some good insight.

    The bad (in no order):

    1. Jimmy Raye, Indianapolis Colts

    This guy has been a part of the roster destruction that has failed to build a team around a cheap, talented, young quarterback. Why in the world would they leave him in charge of a promising team like the Titans.

    2. Anthony Kelly, Chicago Bears

    He was with the Broncos from 2007-2014, but look at the offensive line he left behind. He was able to win a lot of games because he had Peyton Manning in his prime at QB, and it was a flashy team that could attract any free agent.

    The lackluster (in no order):

    1. Nick Caserio, New England Patriots

    When you are giving players to Belichick and he is turning them into cornerstones of a 10-win team it is impressive. However, how much is the actual talent and how much is the New England coaching staff scheming them into great positions.

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    2. Omar Khan, Pittsburgh Steelers

    In the story these names come from, Kuharsky says that Khan is not strictly a personnel person and I think hiring someone like that is a mistake. However, he comes from a great team that has added a lot of talent lately. How much is him, and how much is it those around him?

    3. Terry McDonough, Arizona Cardinals

    He saw the building of that roster first hand, however he also spent 10 years with the Jacksonville Jaguars. How can the Titans hand the keys over to someone with that red flag in their past?

    4. Eliot Wolf, Green Bay

    His father is a Hall of Fame GM and Wolf has some nice feathers in his cap too. However, he hasn’t done a great job setting Aaron Rodgers up for success, and that is a huge concern of mine. The WR/TE/OT positions are very thin and weak in Green Bay, which just can’t happen.

    5. Chris Polian, Jacksonville Jaguars

    I like what he has done to the wide receiver position in Jacksonville, but how can you really like someone who has built a team that constantly drafts in the top-10 at best?