Zach Mettenberger locked in vs Houston Texans?


Zach Mettenberger has always showed up to games against the Houston Texans locked in and ready to go. Well, locked in at least.

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In his three games against the Houston Texans he has a three receivers who ended up with nine or more targets, and when you watch the film it isn’t hard to see why.

While it isn’t like Zach Mettenberger is getting a lot of time in the pocket to really sit back and survey the field, he is definitely going into each play ready to rip it to his favorite receiver.

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  • Historically it has been Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright who have thrived most when Mettenberger has been at the helm in terms of targets, and there is no reason to expect that to change. Except, instead of Justin Hunter, you have Dorial Green-Beckham.

    That is why if I had to put money on it (which thank goodness I don’t) no matter what the final score is, I can see a huge statline coming from DGB on Sunday.

    (Quick Fantasy Football tip, DGB has had 100+ receiving yards in two of his last games, and he played very well at home during their last home game. If I was in desperate need of a receiver, he could be a sly waiver wire pick up, especially if Kendall Wright is a scratch for some reason.)

    Honestly, at this point in the season there isn’t a lot to hope for with the Titans. If they win, the Titans risk losing a chance at the top overall pick which could be huge for this franchise. If they have the top pick this year, they instantly become the most attractive job in the league, bar none.

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    With Marcus Mariota out for at least this game, the chance at the record for most passing touchdowns is also gone, so there isn’t that to rally around.

    All Titans fans can hope is that the young players with upside like DGB, Daimion Stafford, Perrish Cox, Angelo Blackson, and DaQuan Jones all finish strong. If they do, there will be some individual momentum heading into 2016, and there will be a reason to have some buzz about the team.