Marcus Mariota’s season not yet over


The Tennessee Titans had a shadow cast over them when Marcus Mariota was sacked early in the game Sunday.

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The offensive line wasn’t communicating effectively with the running backs in protection, and the receivers just weren’t giving him anything easy. However, things quickly got worse when Mariota was taken out of the game with a knee injury.

People were quick to jump on to the “He is done for the season” train, but Mike Mularkey doesn’t agree. After his press conference today he was more than a little upset that the rumors were out there that Mariota’s stellar rookie season was at an end.

He was quick to say that while he is likely out this weekend, the decision is yet to be made on whether or not Mariota will play in Week 17. When pressed further on identifying where the rumor came from and who the “sources” were indicating that Mariota would be out, Mularkey said “you have a real source right here.”

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  • He also said that while Mariota isn’t done for the season now, the only way they will play him is if he is 100% healthy. That is a very smart, and selfless decision from the long time coach.

    It could very well come down to how this team preforms over the next two weeks, whether or not Mularkey gets a positional coaching job or a coordinator coaching job next year. However, instead of taking the low road and forcing Mariota onto the field like some coaches did earlier this year for the Titans, he is wisely protecting the Titans rookie quarterback.

    I don’t like the idea of Mike Mularkey being the head coach of the Titans next year, but I think this is a smart move and it should endear him to some of owners around the league who want a guy that thinks about his quarterback first and his job second.

    I will be relatively harsh to Mularkey in my next post, so let me take time to say that I think he should get a job before Ken Whisenhunt does based on his performance with the Titans this year. Furthermore, he has shown that he can connect with players on a level that some coaches can’t and maybe an offense with wide receivers that can dominate a game could be a great place for him to land as an OC.

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    If for some Mike Shula (Panthers) or Josh McDaniels (Patriots) gets hired, the GM should seriously look at Mularkey to replace those guys based off of how he has protected Mariota and how he thrived with the team in Atlanta a few years ago.