Are the Tennessee Titans a lock to start the 2016 NFL Draft


After a devastating loss both emotionally and from the play on the field, are the Tennessee Titans destined to land the top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft?

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Yesterday, the team seemed woefully inept and not particularly interested in doing the little things right. I don’t know what happened at practice all week, or if it is a locker room issue, but that team yesterday wasn’t the Titans team we were use to seeing.

Was the team that lost to the Oakland Raiders or Jacksonville Jaguars particularly tough, no. However, this team just looked completely different from an effort standpoint and that just can’t happen in the NFL and it all get swept under the rug.

Whatever is going on with that team affected everyone, and it will be a small miracle if they manage to be competitive throughout the rest of the year. There is one bright side to all of this though, the Titans have the inside track on the first overall pick.

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    On top of that, the Titans said that Derrick Morgan has been ruled out for the season after a shoulder injury and this team is just different with him not on the field. They don’t get enough pressure on the quarterback and just never seem to be close to that top-10 level they were playing at for the majority of the season.

    With Kendall Wright and DaNorris Searcy also banged up, there is going to be a lot of young, depth-caliber players on the field for the Titans the rest of the year and that should not inspire confidence.

    Luckily if the Titans land the top pick in the draft, it could be a franchise changing day for the team. Not only will they have a chance to pick whichever player they want there if they fall in love with a prospect, but they will also have the chance to trade down and add some great pieces for this team.

    For example, it would cost the 49ers a lot to jump up to the top pick and grab Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch, all the way from their sixth pick. In fact, the Titans could land a second, a third, and some other high pick next year maybe even a first.

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    If the Titans did grab that haul, then they could move down to sixth and have their choice between Joey Bosa, Laremy Tunsil, Vernon Hargreaves, and Jalen Ramsey. Those are all great players in contention to be the top player in the draft and the Titans would get them and some other great pieces in exchange for that pick.

    It is too early to start looking at the draft now no matter how interesting it may be, but one thing is for sure, if you give this team the top pick in the draft finding a quality head coach won’t be a problem, and it won’t be hard to rebuild this team quickly.