Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota headed to the record books


Stop me if you have heard this one before, but Marcus Mariota is pretty great. I admit, I am probably a little biased towards him. He is intelligent, stays out of trouble, always says the right thing, highly accurate, mobile, and he has a plethora of other qualities I could go on and on about.

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However, Marcus Mariota is now out of the realm of rookie Titans greats, now he is one his way to a historically good rookie season. Here is a quick look at the records he has broken, and the ones he is closing in on.

Keep in mind, he has done all of this while missing two games.


Most touchdown passes by a Titans rookie- Mariota passed this record a few games ago, and the new record now stands at 19 with four games left to play.

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  • Most passing yards by a Titans rookie- Vince Young had the record at 2,199 which Mariota also passed a few weeks ago.

    Most 3+ TD games by a rookie- Mariota is now sitting at 3 such games, which ties Peyton Manning for the most by a rookie in NFL history. For comparison’s sake, Jameis Winston has just one game like that this season and would have to do it twice in the last four games just to tie Mariota.

    Most rookie passing TDs per game- If the season ended today, Mariota would have the record for most passing touchdowns per game with 1.9. Meaning if he played a full season he would have ended up with something close to 30 TDs.

    Youngest QB to reach a perfect quarterback rating- Mariota did this at just 21 years, 318 days old.

    Most touchdowns by a rookie in a half: Mariota and Winston actually share this title.

    Closing in:

    20+ TD season for a rookie- Mariota is one touchdown pass away from becoming only the 10th rookie in the NFL to ever pass that mark.

    NFL rookie touchdown record- Mariota is only 7 TD passes away from the NFL record of 26 TDs. Here is a breakdown of if he can get the record.

    Mariota is averaging that 1.9 TDs per game. So he needs a defense that allows a slight bump in that production. The Colts are allowing 2 per game, the Jets are averaging 1.83 per game, 1.67 per game, and the Patriots are allowing, 1.42 per game. So if Mariota plays at an average level, he will end up with “6.92” touchdowns, so essentially seven.

    I think there is every possibility that with the sudden increase in points from this offense, that the Titans sneak in an extra touchdown or two down that stretch and Mariota breaks the record outright.

    Possible, but difficult:

    Highest completion percentage by a rookie: With Mariota’s receivers having some drop issues, it is impressive that he is as high as 63.4%. However, the record there is Big Ben’s 66.44. That is a difficult mark to hit and it would require a few pretty impressive games.

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    Most passing yards in one game from a rookie: Mariota has had two 350+ passing games so far this season, and they will have a chance against one of the worst teams in the league in that category: the Indianapolis Colts. Mariota would have to top 433 yards, but if Kendall Wright, DGB, Delanie Walker and Harry Douglas all compete at a high level, and if the Colts bench some of their defensive starters for the playoffs, then this could actually be very possible.

    Most passing touchdowns in a game: The rookie record here is five, and again in this situation the Titans have a great chance if the Colts game plays out like it should for the Tennessee Titans.

    Best rookie touchdown to interception differential: Right now the record is Russell Wilson’s +16. Marcus Mariota has a chance to beat that number of touchdowns this year and he only has 9 interceptions. Currently he is sitting at a +10, so he could get this but it would be difficult.