Titans Film Study: Offensive line and Wesley Woodyard


The Tennessee Titans got their third win on Sunday, which marks the second win under Mike Mularkey. In just five games, Mularkey has managed to get two wins for the Titans, which is as many as Ken Whisenhunt managed in 16 games last year.

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While this speaks to better coaching and management of talent, I don’t want to take a macro look at that in this piece. My goal here is to see how the captain of the defense Wesley Woodyard, and the offensive line (specifically Taylor Lewan and Quintin Spain) preformed in this game.

So, here is a look with some quick notes on what I saw re-watching the film this afternoon.

Wesley Woodyard

-Woodyard looks much more dynamic in space this year. On the second defensive drive he quickly finds T.J. Yeldon after he tried to hide behind the offensive line and break it to the outside. It is his quick correction that turns a 10+ yard gain into a 1 yard gain.

-I think this team finally has three quality LBs. I would really like to see a true 4-3 look from this team with Brown at WLB, Williamson at MLB and Woodyard and SLB.

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  • -Clearly looks a lot more knowledgeable of the playbook in year two. Captain of the defense at least when he is on the field. I get subbing in Zach Brown for his athleticism, but Woodyard has earned a big role in this defense after his play so far this year.

    Taylor Lewan and Quintin Spain

    -There is a false start called on Lewan early, but it was clearly on Andy Gallik as he was the only offensive lineman who didn’t move.

    -Cobb’s first big run of the year came as a direct result of Spain and Lewan blocking. If he had elite vision he would have seen that a cut behind Spain’s block would likely have led to a 50+ yard touchdown. They sealed the edge player and linebacker perfectly.

    -Spain is deceptively quick for his size. Went up to the second level to make contact with a linebacker 8-yards away from him.

    -Lewan is now making great decisions on twists, taking rushers away from Spain and helping him make smart decisions.

    -With one pull, Spain now has more successful pulling plays than Chance Warmack. Squared up the LB allowing for a 22-yard run from Antonio Andrews.

    -Lewan is still cut blocking on the outside, but only on quick throws. This is a theme from the Titans that scares me, but Lewan does it well.

    -These two really got into a grooves as the game went on, especially in the passing game.

    Honestly between these three there is a lot of good film. The Titans may have actually found a starting left guard that works in Spain and Lewan has regained his franchise left tackle status over the last four weeks.

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    On defense, when Woodyard is on the field it just feels like a different team. I think Brown is having a very good year from an individual standpoint, but I think it is clear that from a “on-the-field-coach” perspective it just seems like everyone is on the same page when Woodyard is playing.

    I will try to do this throughout the year on the best players in each game, and hopefully that will give Titans fans a better idea of why I think the Titans holes can be fixed quickly, and why some needs are clearer to me than to some national writers who don’t keep an eye on this team.