ESPN’s top coaching candidates, who should the Titans grab


Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen are about as inside the loop as inside gets. Today the posted a story of names they are hearing that could be the next batch of head coaches.

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Some of the names on this list have previous experience, others don’t. However, I am going to limit the list to names that I believe fit the Titans. What the Tennessee Titans need in their next head coach is someone with a strong understanding of offense and how to best groom Marcus Mariota.

If a coach has anything in his resume that says that he can help Marcus Mariota take the leap from very good quarterback to elite, then there is no doubt that they should be very high on the list.

So, let’s look at some of the names presented (these are in order of how they listed them, not how I would rank them):

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  • 1. “Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase
    A finalist with San Francisco last year, Gase could turn out to be a candidate there or in other places again. Gase has helped elevate Jay Cutler’s play, and he did the same in Denver with Peyton Manning, who helped make Gase into the top coordinator he is today.”

    -I am not a huge fan of Gase if you are a team trying to build without a quarterback. However, after seeing what Peyton Manning has turned into without him, what he is doing with Jay Cutler and what he did behind the scenes with Brock Osweiler, you can’t deny that he knows how to develop and help quartebacks.

    2. “Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson
    Coordinating one of football’s top offenses this season, USC recently called to interview him but was denied permission. NFL teams will not be denied permission to interview him for a head coaching job and Jackson has experience there from his time with Oakland, where his Raider teams were some of the more respectable in recent memory.”

    -This is my guy. If you have watched many games this year, you have to love what he has turned Andy Dalton into and what he is doing with that offense. Sure every now and then he gets to cute and puts a really weird formation on the field, but at the end of the day he is showing that he is great at getting his playmakers in position to win matchups.

    Jackson has experience on both sides of the ball and he seemingly has an intensity and gravity around him that is not completely unlike what Mike Zimmer had in his time with the Bengals.

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    3. “Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels
    McDaniels might just be the top candidate available. There are no assurances he would leave New England, where he is comfortable and appreciated, but any assistant would have a tough time turning down a great head coaching opportunity.”

    -McDaniels and Gase aren’t too different for me. Both need franchise QBs to succeed only one is coaching underneath maybe the best coach in NFL history. If he has really changed and gotten better in his time back with the Patriots then great. But this idea doesn’t scream success to me.

    Other names:

    -Todd Haley

    -Doug Marone

    -Mike Shula

    -Tom Cable