Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 13


The Tennessee Titans suffered their ninth loss of a season, and this one hurts a lot for fans because it happened on a crappy call that the NFL has essentially said was garbage.

Let’s look and see if nation overreacted and/or didn’t watch the game at all.

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NFL.com: 31 (30)

“The Titans‘ pass defense — ranked third going into Week 12 — couldn’t hold the fort in soggy Nashville on Sunday, leaving this team in position to land the top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Not that anyone is desirous of another cruddy record. The good news is the team found its quarterback of the future, particularly important considering the upcoming college marketplace is devoid of franchise QBs.”

-Elliott Harrison

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  • This is great because if the Titans had to pick a QB from this draft, I don’t think there is a player the caliber of Marcus Mariota in this year’s draft. Hopefully there is some buzz on someone like Paxton Lynch or Jared Goff during draft season and there is a great trade to be had. If not, the Titans can always sit at that spot and take the best player in the draft.

    CBS.com: 31 (31)

    “They just don’t have enough right now. Now the question is who will be the coach.”

    -Pete Prisco

    There isn’t a lot to break down here, but yes the big question is who will be the coach smart enough to take advantage of the #1 draft pick, Marcus Mariota, an elite defense, and a ton of cap space.

    ESPN.com: 30 (31)

    “The Titans have lost 11 straight home games. Their last home victory was against the Jaguars in Week 6 of last season. The Titans host the Jaguars in Week 13.”


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    Again, not a lot to work with here. Someone has to come into this organization this offseason and change the culture here. I hate to use that because it is so over used, but whether it is Hue Jackson or [insert name here, but I don’t care because Hue Jackson should be the next head coach so I’m not even listing a name] someone has to come in and bring toughness to this team and not just talk about it.

    There needs to be some pride at home games and some explosive playmakers to point to and say, if things get bad we can always lean on them. The defense is solid, but even with Marcus Mariota playing well you can’t say, “Don’t worry guys I know we are down by 6 here with a minute to go, but we have Anthony Fasano so we are fine.” That just isn’t how this works.

    Composite: 30.7