Chip Kelly is not getting traded to the Tennessee Titans


I shouldn’t have to talk about this, but with the Nashville radio stations all talking about it, let’s talk about this nonsense with Chip Kelly.

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I personally don’t mind Chip Kelly and his offense. It is quick, it is dynamic (when you have players to fit it), and it has schemes to get wide receivers that can’t normally get open, open. However, there is a nonsensical rumor by the Titans are interested in Chip Kelly and there is a first round pick possibly being discussed as compensation.

Let’s get this out of the way, the only way the Titans trade their first pick for Chip Kelly right now is if they get:

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  • -Chip Kelly

    -Fletcher Cox DL

    -Jason Peters/Lane Johnson OT

    -Darren Sproles RB

    -Demarco Murray RB

    -And their 1st overall pick.

    I mean, that is just the cost of the number one overall pick in an NFL Draft. Look back to last year and look at what the same Eagles were willing to give up for Marcus Mariota last year. Forget the Chip Kelly connection, that is just the going rate for a franchise QB in the NFL and that is what you are expecting to get with the top pick.

    The Titans have never been a team to make big trades, and thinking they will now is foolish. The only way that they even consider this is if the Eagles throw the absolute sink at them and offer to fill all of their needs in this trade and give them a first round pick.

    If they do all that, sure this would be a workable trade. If they gave the Titans a franchise OT, two quality RBs, a 5-tech who is comparable to Jurrell Casey, and a first round pick to spend on a WR then it makes sense.

    Otherwise, this conversation doesn’t even get brought to the table.

    There is no way that any GM in their right mind would trade the most valuable asset in the NFL for a coach who is likely to be fired, unless they are also getting a bundle of All-Pro players in the trade. It just doesn’t happen.

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    I like Ian Rapoport a lot and I think he has some good insight, but here not only does this not pass the common sense test, it fails the plausibility test. The #1 overall pick for a head coach is unheard of, and for good reason. The only thing close is when the playoff bound Oakland Raiders traded for Jon Gruden and they traded two first round picks. Those picks became the #21 and #32 in the 2002 and 2003 NFL Draft respectively.

    It would take at least another first round pick in that range to be traded for a top 5 overall pick, much less THE top pick.

    I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will. Completely forget everything you have read suggesting that the Titans will trade their first round pick for a coach heads up. Ian Rapoport is being lied to by Chip Kelly’s agent, and it isn’t hard to see at all.