Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 12


The Tennessee Titans lost and lost ugly against a bad Jacksonville Jaguars team, so you can expect the team to drop in the rankings this week. Marcus Mariota is the real deal and this defense is great, but this team just can’t manage to win a game.

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Let’s look at the thoughts across the league:

NFL.com: 30 (30)

“Although the defeat to the Jaguars was disappointing, perhaps losing wasn’t the worst thing in the world. No one wants to play for next year, but what would Tennessee do in the postseason if it were to win the AFC South at 7-9? Amazing that one loss can push a football team out of the division race and into the race for the No. 1 overall pick. And based on how Marcus Mariota played Thursday night, this organization has much to look forward to.”

-Elliott Harrison

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  • This is all true. Playing for next year again sucks, but honestly why should Titans fans be upset with the loss? Forget about your feelings and think logically. No one ever changed their franchise by picking in the middle of the draft and beating bad teams in a bad division.

    Getting an elite offensive tackle or defensive player makes a lot of sense now, especially if you trust future Titans head coach (I hope) Hue Jackson to get more out of this OL than the current coaching staff is getting.

    CBS.com: 28 (29)

    “They have a QB, they have a good defense. They need to fix the offensive line and add some more offensive weapons and they’ll begin to turn the corner.”

    -Pat Kirwan

    This is another smart breakdown. At this point power rankings aren’t about the last game anymore, they are more about the season as a whole and the future of the team. This team is great at quarterback and defense, and if they fix offensive line and get some more playmakers on both sides of the ball then this team will make noise.

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    ESPN.com: 31 (25)

    “The Titans have scored more than 13 points just once in their past seven games. Four teams haven’t been held to 13 or fewer points once this season.”


    This is a stupid stat. It doesn’t take into account that the Titans were playing with a backup quarterback in two of those games. Likewise it doesn’t talk about how they have been missing their only good/proven wide receiver in Kendall Wright. Right now this team is working with tight ends as their best pass catchers, and they have an inconsistent running game.

    Is this offense good? No, but there are holes on the offensive line that need to be filled this offseason and it is clear that the Titans need a new offensive mind to utilize Marcus Mariota.

    Composite ranking: 29.7