Tennessee Titans notes: The Tale of Two Quintons


The Tennessee Titans are a team that is 2.5 games out of the AFC South and still has a chance!…is something that people who are living in denial say.

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Look, fans never thought this was going to be a playoff season heading into the preseason, but we were infected by hope and were blinded by a bad division. This team doesn’t have a chance, but they have a bright future.

They made the correct move of firing Ken Whisenhunt early in the season to make sure that they didn’t get stuck with him after a mediocre season.

They also found out that they had a franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota and that they have a key piece to build their offense around.

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  • Finally, they found out that they have an elite defensive coordinator in Dick LeBeau. He has made this unit into a great pass rushing defense despite playing with backup and street free agent corners.

    So, while the season has gone down the drain there are still reasons to be optimistic about the changes we are seeing. There are two other changes I would like to see from the Titans.

    1. Start Quinton Spain at left guard, move Joe Looney to center.

    This is something that people have been talking about as an idea that the Titans haven’t tried, but it isn’t like this is a sure fire fix. The biggest thing that this gives the Titans is a center who hopefully won’t get blown out of the water like Gallik has.

    Looney isn’t great, but he is your typical backup caliber interior OL, much like Brian Schwenke he is someone who flashes good blocks but isn’t the answer.

    The great thing about Spain is that he played a harder position (LT) in the preseason and shined, especially in pass protection. Spain has great agility for the position and can also win in the power game being 6’4″ 330 lb. pounds. So, there is reason for optimism at the position.

    There has also been talks of Jeremiah Poutasi being played some at LG this week to compete and see who earns a job. Honestly, I like Poutasi as a guard, especially on the left side. However, he may need a season off to regain his confidence after getting the Jeff Fisher play-and-bench treatment.

    2. Bring in Quinton Coples

    I was never a fan of Coples as a primary pass rusher. Coming out of the draft I thought he was lazy at times and despite great natural ability he just looked to take too many plays off.

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    However, after seeing him do some things in Rex Ryan’s defense I think he has some value on an NFL roster, especially as a backup in a flexible defense. On paper, Coples is 6’6″ 300 lb player who has a lot of physical similarities to Robert Nkemdiche. So, if you want Nkemdiche in the draft for the Titans, this would be a good way to see what Dick LeBeau does with someone like that.

    I think that Coples has to pass through waiver wires, and the Titans should have high priority on that list. Could they add him as a backup and move someone else out like Justin Staples who has been alright, but nothing special.