My over/unders for Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars


Obviously I have no affiliation with any casino or gambling organization, but over/under bets are fun things to think about. Based on what has been going on this year and what I have seen from both of these teams, here are some things I think are interesting to watch tonight.

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O/U 1.5 interceptions from Blake Bortles: Over

Blake Bortles has thrown one or more interceptions in every game except for two this year. Not only that, he has thrown for multiple interceptions in three games this year and it is pretty likely that it will happen again.

The Titans on the other hand, are tied for 11th in the NFL in interceptions despite having an early by week. Not only that, but if you remember that the Titans had an interception waved off against the Saints for an odd roughing the passer call then this team could easily be tied up at 7th in the league with 10 interceptions.

I think this is a bad matchup for Blake Bortles coming off of a short week where they are feeling good about themselves over a game they shouldn’t have won (literally, the refs missed a play that should have ended the game before the field goal). So it is easy to think that they get a big head and forget to really prepare for a 2-7 Titans team that has a very good defense.

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  • Tennessee Titans score 24 points: Over.

    The Jaguars are the third worst team in the NFL at stopping offenses from scoring. They are currently allowing 28 points per game, and it isn’t like they have necessarily played all star QBs all year.

    The Titans on the other hand are averaging just under 24 points, despite Marcus Mariota being out for two weeks where Zach Mettenberger provided a grand total of one touchdown.

    I think this is a game where the Titans could easily score 30+.

    Blake Bortles sacked 4 times: Over

    This is my last stat and I guess I should have just called this Over/Overs because this makes me 3-for-3.

    Bortles has been sacked an average of 3 times per game, and that offensive line just isn’t any good. On the other hand, Brian Orakpo has four sacks in his last three games against some pretty decent offensive lines. Add in Jurrell Casey, Derrick Morgan, Wesley Woodyard, and an aggressive Dick LeBeau pass rush and I don’t see how Bortles makes it out of this game without being put on the ground five or more times.

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    I don’t think this game is really going to be that close despite the records both being terrible. I think the Titans are clearly the better team defensively and Marcus Mariota and the Titans are much more efficient on offense.

    This is a big game in prime time for Marcus Mariota and the Titans. Not only will this shift public perception in one way or another, but it could have an influence on the next head coach of the Titans.

    Everyone in the country could be talking about how Marcus Mariota looks great and how he is the second best quarterback in this division already, on a team with a talented left tackle, a good defense, and an interesting group of wide receivers and tight ends that could be very good under the right coach. If a talented offensive coach sees all this opportunity and hears all of this hype then this game could be the deciding factor in the Titans getting their first choice at HC instead of their second choice.