Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 11


Right now, Marcus Mariota is making the Tennessee Titans fun to watch, forget the box score. The Titans have the cornerstones to build around to make this team very good in the future, even though they aren’t winning right now.

Having said that, it wasn’t a great performance from the Titans and there will probably be a lot of criticism around the league. Let’s take a look.

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NFL.com: 30 (29)

“In a contest where the score made matters appear worse than reality, the (harsh) reality is the Titans couldn’t muster enough offense to challenge a defense like the Panthers‘ unit a week after looking like an aerial circus. (This is often referred to as “The Rob Ryan effect.” Just an FYI.) Nothing to be alarmed at, given that Tennessee was rolling with a rookie quarterback ( who probably was not near 100 percent) and an inexperienced starter at tailback. The frustration at the end? Sure, Cam Newton‘s antics can get annoying to some folks. Or real annoying when you let him run for touchdowns on you. So don’t let him run on you. That’s how you stop the antics.”

-Elliot Harrison

He is right that it was a close game and that the score is a little bit distorted. If you care about the Cam stuff, I don’t know what to tell you. That is the guy he has always been, and just think about how excited you would be if the Titans were going 9-0 after these terrible years.

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  • You would be excited if Dorial Green-Beckham caught a TD to go up 27-10 on a team on the road to essentially guarantee a first round bye in the playoffs, even if he got in an LBs face and taunted him. It is ok, if you need to feel better just remember that he wasn’t dancing when he had to face that defense again after they kept putting him in the dirt, only when he knew he could hide on the sideline.

    CBS.com: 31 (29)

    “They have a short turnaround to play a division game Thursday against Jacksonville. It’s big for both teams. Did I just write that?”

    -Pete Prisco

    I don’t think anyone is under the illusion that this is really all that big of a game. Sure it means something in the division race, but the team that goes to the playoffs out of these four are the real losers because they won’t get to draft until the 20s and they will convince themselves to keep their coach.

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    ESPN.com: 25 (29)

    “The good news for the Titans is that they play on the road this week. The Titans are the only winless team at home this season (0-5).”


    This is weird because the Titans were one of the biggest risers this week. They clearly have the defense to win and a franchise QB, so maybe this is a voice of reason about the long term state of the franchise.

    Composite score: 28.7