Nick Saban To The Tennessee Titans: Really?


Unless Tennessee Titans interim head coach Mike Mularkey wins Super Bowl L in Santa Clara this year, his chances of being back at the helm of this team in 2016 are slim. That’s really too bad, because I like coach Mularkey but let’s face it, he will probably not be part of the future in Music City.

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It took less than an hour after the news that Ken Whisenhunt had been fired in Nashville for the Chip Kelly to Tennessee stories to hit the reputable outlets and as the speculation continues, this morning an article from Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk is suggesting the Titans should get in line for Nick Saban.

"Another job with a potential franchise quarterback already will available. In a state closer to the state where Saban has lived since 2007. And the Titans, who would be crazy not to inquire about Chip Kelly, also would be nuts not to kick the tires on Saban."

There is no concrete evidence that the Czar of Alabama is actually looking for another shot at the NFL, but he has always said that if the Dolphins had made a deal for Drew Brees in 2006, he would probably still be in the NFL.

Saban is smart enough to know that any success at the Pro level will depend on having a franchise quarterback, and he missed the boat when Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay tried to recruit him in 1998 with Peyton Manning in hand.

I have never been a proponent of great college coaches moving to the NFL. Like the difference between a tight end and a defensive lineman, both can be great football players, but each have a different skill set.

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Likewise, great college coaches have a unique skill set that doesn’t play well in the NFL.

The Jury is still out on Chip Kelly and his ability to bring his college system and attitude to the NFL.

The problem with the Tennessee Titans actually landing a proven NFL head coach like Jon Gruden or former Pittsburgh Steelers head man, Bill Cowher is ownership and management. Or a lack of!

What proven head coach wants to get on board the rudderless ship in Tennessee? Even with a potential franchise like Marcus Mariota already in hand.

Not only does ownership still reside in Houston and refuse to relocate to Music City, the fact that they have over $25 Million in cap space tells me they don’t want to spend money to bring a winner to the fans in Nashville.

So if Nick Saban decides to test the NFL again next year, I wouldn’t think he will be looking for a house in Nashville. I hear that Ken Whisenhunt’s home is for sale!

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Florio suggests that even though the Titans may not be interested in Nick Saban:

"Even if the Titans don’t want Saban, they should pursue Saban in order to drive up the price that their AFC South rivals ultimately would have to pay."

All of the speculation in the world won’t change the dysfunctional ownership problems in Tennessee, and until that changes, this team will never be competitive.

It doesn’t matter who the head coach is!