Tennessee Titans fans, let’s give some credit to Ruston Webster


The Tennessee Titans won a game Sunday (I have to keep repeating this in my articles because in the past two years I have only had 28 days to write it) against a pretty good New Orleans Saints team.

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While it was a great effort from most everyone on the team, someone deserves credit for this win that no one is talking about. No, not Mike Mularkey though he did a very good job protecting the franchise. No, not Marcus Mariota (because he is rightfully getting a lot of credit). It is Ruston Webster who is getting the raw end of the deal here.

Ruston Webster has been blasted for not giving this team talent. Well, at the same time people were (rightfully) ripping Ken Whisenhunt for his use of players and his inflexibility. While it could be a little bit of both, I am one of the few that thinks that Webster has actually done a good job getting talent on this roster, it just hasn’t been developed or used well.

Let’s take a look at what the 2015 NFL Draft class did for the Titans on Sunday. This is every pick from this past draft and their impact:

Marcus Mariota

Have you heard of this guy, he is actually pretty good. Honestly, I get that people are trying to temper their expectations in the national media and they are saying, “Well he has had his ups and downs.” I will give you that, but his “downs” are still miles better than most QBs average.

In losses this year, Mariota has had a stat line that looks like this:

62% completion, 7.1 YPA, 5 TDs, 5 INTs

I mean, if he preformed at that level, he would still end up with 3,600+ yards and 22 TD which is a pretty great statline. However, if he continues on his current pace he will hit 3,750 yards, 31 TDs (NFL rookie record), 12 INTs.

(By the way, in wins Mariota’s stat line looks like this: 76%, 10.7 YPA, 8 TDs, 0 INT which is insane)

My tangential love for Marcus Mariota aside, people forget that Webster had the chance to pull off the safe move and trade for a boatload of resources that would have made his life much easier. However, he made the right choice and grabbed a franchise QB. You have to give that guy credit for that at least.

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  • Dorial Green-Beckham

    DGB had a career day Sunday in targets (10), catches (5), yards (77), and run blocking (PFF gave him a +0.5). I don’t think I need to go on and on about DGB’s potential, but clearly he is being used and coached differently and you can already see it one week into a new regime.

    For a team desperate to develop some talented young weapons for Mariota, this is a crucial stretch for DGB in that he could prove that he can be a true number one receiver in this league.

    Jeremiah Poutasi

    Poutasi was benched. Right now he is a left guard in training in case the Titans aren’t happy with Joe Looney or if he wants to much money this offseason. Either way, he does have talent as a run blocker, though he is wisely being coached up at his correct position rather than being thrown out to the wolves early in his development.

    Angelo Blackson

    Blackson had a big day too earning a sack in very few snaps. I think that the combination of DaQuan Jones and Angelo Blackson make for a very capable two-deep defensive line rotation opposite Jurrell Casey and I think Blackson can really play anywhere on the DL.

    I may talk about this more in the offseason, but that idea is a key reason why I think Robert Nkemdiche shouldn’t be an option for the Titans.

    Jalston Fowler

    Fowler also did some good things in limited snaps and had a key block on Antonio Andrews longest run of the day.

    David Cobb

    He is still getting healthy but should help this week and even more the week after.

    Deiontrez Mount


    Andy Gallik

    Gallik was the center on an offensive line that for once kept Marcus Mariota upright and kept his jersey clean. Gallik wasn’t great, but he wasn’t a deficit on this team Sunday. If he can improve off of this performance and gel with this line, I still think he has a chance to be the answer at center.

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    Tre McBride

    Don’t think that he is gone and forgotten. I think there is a strong chance that he could be activated late in the season, especially if the Titans receivers keep getting injured.

    UDFA and Street FAs that Webster signed this year who made a big impact:

    – Brian Orakpo

    -Perrish Cox

    -Joe Looney

    -Harry Douglas

    -Anthony Fasano

    -Byron Bell

    -Phil Supernaw

    -Da’Norris Searcy

    -Cody Riggs

    -David Bass

    -B.W. Webb

    Those are all player who played significant snaps Sunday and when you break it down, Webster is ultimately responsible for 16 players this offseason alone in that underdog win against the Saints.

    Is he the best GM in the league? No, but he certainly isn’t as bad as he is being made out to be. He is giving this team solid contributors and blue-chip players like Mariota and Orakpo. If this team can’t maximize their talent, don’t put that on Ruston Webster.