Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 10


The Tennessee Titans are coming off of a great win that was about so much more than the final score. It looks like the Titans have a tough, very good, young quarterback that they will be able to build their franchise around for the next decade plus. It also looks like if they have a coach that knows what he is doing, there are ways to protect him regardless of who is starting on the offensive line.

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That plus a defense that did a great job keeping the New Orleans Saints bottled up, despite some terrible calls from the refs that kept them alive. So with everything looking up, what did the national media have to say about the Titans?

NFL.com: 29 (31)

Marcus Mariota, take a freaking bow, man. Related question: Where are all those skeptical draftniks, analysts and 14-year-old draft nerds who read Draft Insider’s Digest 146 times between games of “Star Wars Battlefront III”? (Actually, SWBIII doesn’t come out until Nov. 18.) The rookie from Oregon hasn’t exactly set the NFL ablaze on a weekly basis, yet he has outperformed Jameis Winston to this point — recording his second four-touchdown game of his first six starts on Sunday. Props to Delanie Walker, as well, who had himself a day in New Orleans — including this double-tapped, gift-wrapped touchdown, courtesy of that menacing Saints secondary. ”

-Elliott Harrison

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  • I could not have said it better myself. Mariota has been outstanding and people are still hesitant to embrace him, but at this point how can you even compare Mariota and Winston.

    Through a big sample size, Mariota’s stats look like this:

    65.5% completion, 268 yards per game, 8.1 YPA, 13 TDs, 5 INTs, 101.5 Rating

    Compare that to Jameis Winston:

    57.7% completion, 237 yards per game, 7.7 YPA, 10 TDs, 7 INTs, 84 Rating

    I mean, Mariota is clearly better than Winston through this point and I firmly believe he would have been able to beat the Atlanta Falcons with or without Ken Whisenhunt holding him back.

    CBS.com: 29 (32)

    “They beat the Saints and Marcus Mariota looked good doing so. Mike Mularkey is 1-0. Maybe the change meant something.”

    -Pete Prisco

    More simplistic than Harrison, but not wrong. Mularkey and Mariota have to be the guys most responsible for this win. Now, it was a team effort and everyone stepped their game up, but this team is substantially better with those two than without.

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    ESPN.com: 29 (32)

    “Marcus Mariota became the second rookie to throw four touchdown passes in multiple games since the 1970 merger. The other was Robert Griffin III in 2012.”

    That is a great stat, but there are two substantial difference between the two. First of all, Mariota is the only player to do that feat without throwing an interception in those games.

    Secondly, Mariota is only 7 TDs short of RG3’s record for the season with eight games left! At this pace Mariota will hit 30 TDs by the end of the year which would shatter the previous rookie record.

    Mariota is much better than RG3 so far this year and I’m not saying this was a comparison, but RG3 comparisons are lazy so if you see that go ahead and block that person.

    Composite ranking: 29