This weekend is huge for the Tennessee Titans, and not for the reason you think.


The Tennessee Titans are heading into this weekend with very little to lose. From a coaching perspective, there is no reason to be overly concerned with getting the win as long as you look like you are making a positive impact. From a players standpoint, even if you have a bad game you can blame it on the shift in coaching.

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However, there is one person that stands a lot to gain from this weekend, and he will never see a single snap or call a play. That is of course, Tennessee Titans GM Ruston Webster.

So how can he get a huge win this week even if the team loses? Well, simply put if Marcus Mariota doesn’t get hit or at least that number is kept to a minimum then Webster will have a feather in his cap.

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  • See, all of this has to do with the man at the heart of this whole season, Jeremiah Poutasi.

    When the Tennessee Titans drafted Jeremiah Poutasi, everyone and their mother thought that he was coming in to be the guard to replace Andy Levitre (either now or next year). However when he was announced as the starting right tackle, people were taken aback. Now, has he been garbage the whole season? No. In fact he had a pretty good game against Buffalo and stood his ground against Tampa Bay in his first start (which was on the road too). It is easy to see why Whisenhunt liked him at the position given his ability as a run blocker and his sheer size.

    However, after getting benched twice for being an absolute liability in space, Whisenhunt was fired for not giving Poutasi any help. So, what is the big deal now?

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    Well now Mike Mularkey has moved Jeremiah Poutasi inside and Byron Bell to the right tackle position. This wasn’t a spur of the moment move, and it was actually one of the first things that Mularkey talked about in his opening press conference. That means that it is something he has thought would help for a while now, and he was convinced that this was the right move.

    If Poutasi ends up doing well inside and Byron Bell does a good job at right tackle then not only does Webster come out looking better for drafting and signing better players than people thought, but he also wins somewhere else. If the Titans can fix their RT/LG situation, then they will be available to really attack free agency and grab some great players. Not only that, but they will be able to draft BPA and on a team that needs blue chip players everywhere this is the dream strategy.