Tennessee Titans stuck in Groundhog Day Scenario


With Tennessee Titans head coach and the QOTW(Quarterback Of The Week) facing post-game press conferences each week after another loss, they are starting to look a lot like Bill Murray being awakened by his alarm clock every morning in the 1993 movie, Groundhog day.

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You’ve probably seen the movie several times, but Phil( a weatherman) with a screwed up life is trapped in a blizzard while covering groundhog day and is forced to live the day over and over until he gets the day right.

After each loss(3-23 since coming to Music City and the sixth in a row this year), Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt faces the cameras and say’s the same thing: “we’re getting better, but we’re not there yet”!

This is what he had to say after the 20-6 pasting the Titans took from the Houston Texans on Sunday at NRG Stadium after quarterback Zach Mettenberger was mauled at the hands of a 4th quarter pass rush by J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus.

from Paul Kuharsky at ESPN:

“I’m operating from a position here where I don’t have much I can say, I mean our win-loss total is not good,” Whisenhunt said. “So no matter what I say, it’s not going to be good enough. All I can do is tell you that we’re going to work hard to swing it back the other way. We’re in here working, we’re trying and we feel like we’ve done some things that have been good, but they are obviously not good enough.”

The chants for Ken Whisenhunts head have started, the Twitter page @FireKenWhisenhunt has been launched, and the comments are not pretty.

It’s gotten bad enough at this point that Kuharsky has called for the Titans brass(who live in Houston and were able to see their team play this weekend) to make some changes sooner than later.

In his Monday post, Time for Amy Adams Strunk to spell out things for Coach and GM , Kurarsky is fed up with the answers he’s getting from the local management, and after they witnessed the beating in person from their NRG Stadium box on Sunday in Houston, maybe changes will come.  

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If changes don’t come this week, the clock will continue to tick and the alarm will go off at 6 AM for Phil(Ken Whisenhunt) in New Orleans and he will be back in front of another microphone telling us “we’re getting better” after another loss.     I’m not sure that firing Ken Whisenhunt at this point will stop that darn alarm clock from going off for Titans fans, but if we could fire the owners, Groundhog Day might be over!