It is time to shut down the Tennessee Titans


After a season with high hopes after Week 1, it is time for Tennessee Titans ownership and GM Ruston Webster to step in and say enough is enough.

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I don’t like to rail on coaches because who are we as fans to say that we know more about the game than people who are paid millions of dollars annually, and who have dedicated decades of their life to it? However, objectively I think it is clearly time to admit that Ken Whisenhunt is not one of the 32 best people in the world to be running an NFL team, and that is what a head coach has to be at a bare minimum.

His saving grace early in the season was the it looked like he knew how to manipulate the offense to suit Marcus Mariota, and that he would develop Zach Mettenberger into a capable backup/starter. Fast forward eight weeks and we all look like fools for believing that.

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  • In terms of the offense suiting Marcus Mariota, it is more evident every day that he is going to have to survive in spite of this Titans offense rather than benefit from it. At the end of the day Jeremiah Poutasi is a guard and I have nothing wrong with drafting someone of his size and his skill set in the third round. However, the unwillingness of Ken Whisenhunt to help him despite keeping five tight ends on the roster shows just how out of touch he is with this situation. Then he gets mad at Poutasi and benches him after he loses one-on-ones with J.J. Watt, I mean, duh right?

    Forget that aspect of the play calling, he just doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do. With Mariota in the game he could get away with more because Mariota was so accurate that he could make 3rd and 12 work despite the two bad playcalls before. Now, he is calling obvious screens (like the one that got Kendall Wright hurt) and trusting Mettenberger to throw it an average of 33 times per game! That is despite the fact that he isn’t feeling pocket pressure and that his offensive line is far better suited to run blocking than pass blocking.

    That is why the Titans ownership needs to start looking at potential coaching changes for the future and start evaluating people like Hue Jackson.

    I am not calling for Whisenhunt’s head right now because I don’t think that helps the team. However, I would absolutely not let him play Mariota until he is 100% healthy even if that takes 10 weeks. You can’t risk your franchise quarterback to maybe salvage a 6-10 season if the Titans are extremely lucky.

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    Shut it down. Start looking at your young players like  David Cobb, Dorial Green-Beckham, Jalston Fowler, and Tre McBride and see what they can look like as starters. For players like Poutasi and Andy Gallik, find out what they can do well and if they can earn a spot on the line next year. Move Poutasi inside and put Byron Bell outside and see if he has the potential to be a good guard. If not, you know that you need at least one new offensive linemen next year. Who knows, you may get lucky and find out that Bell is a good right tackle and Poutasi is a good left guard and you can save yourself some draft capitol in April.

    All I know is, it is time to throw in the towel and the ownership and Ruston Webster should be forcing these decisions on Whisenhunt even if he doesn’t want them, because it looks like he is a lost cause after winning just 3 out of 23 possible games for the Titans.