Phase Two of Tennessee Titans Rebuilding Plan Will Have to Wait


A few weeks ago I wrote about the need for the Tennessee Titans to make changes from the top-down. Phase one was completed earlier this morning with the firing of head coach Ken Whisenhunt. There isn’t possibly anything more for me to say about him, so I will refrain from doing so and just tell Titans fans to rejoice that he’s gone. Phase two of the rebuilding process, which I suggested is Ruston Webster’s departure from the GM position, is a bit trickier.

The Tennessee Titans ownership is in a state of flux. The death of Bud Adams brought uncertainty about the motivations of those who have taken charge. There have been rumors that the franchise will be sold, and it would make a lot of sense if that were to happen. Steve Underwood is currently the team’s interim President. One would assume that it’s only a matter of time before the Titans hire a legitimate mainstay at that position. But the timing of Whisenhunt’s firing is sort of peculiar.

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The Titans are kind of doing this backwards. Generally, a team would hire a new President, then GM, then head coach. By firing the head coach and replacing him with an interim one, the Titans now have two interim spots and one mainstay. But that mainstay may not last much longer. Ruston Webster was not present at today’s press conference, which is also peculiar. Underwood said that Webster wasn’t there because he didn’t ask him to be.

I believe the Titans are going to start over anew once this season is over. Interim head coach Mike Mularkey will get a chance to prove himself, but odds are he won’t do enough for that to happen. Whether the team is sold or not, a new President will be put in place after the season. That President will hire a new GM, and that GM will hire a new head coach. That’s what I believe, although it’s very possible that Webster will be given the chance for a fresh start, especially given that, according to Terry McCormick, he wasn’t the one who hired Whisenhunt in the first place.

Whatever happens, we should all be glad that this wasn’t drawn out longer. Ken Whisenhunt was not the answer. Whether Ruston Webster is the answer at GM, we don’t know. His track record isn’t good, but with a more competent head coach Webster’s moves could end up panning out. For now, let’s pop a bottle of champagne and cheers to a new (again) era of Titans football.