Tennessee Titans: No more Mr. Nice Guy


The city of Nashville is known to be one of the friendliest places to visit. Southern hospitality at it’s finest. The Tennessee Titans have adopted that philosophy on the field this season, turning Nissan Stadium into a place of recovery for the ailing opponent.

In their week 3 home opener, Tennessee hosted an 0-2 Indianapolis team that was struggling mightily on offense. The Titans were 12 minutes away from sending the Colts to a near-insurmountable 0-3 start, but elected to take their foot off the gas. The Colts played desperate down the stretch, and saved their season.

You’re welcome Andrew Luck.

The following week, the Buffalo Bills came to town. Not only was running back LeSean McCoy out of the game, but his backup was out too. Sammy Watkins, Buffalo’s number one receiver, was also out.

We’re talking ailing in the literal sense.

After dominating the entire game, Tennessee’s defense took their foot off the pedal in the 4th quarter. The Bills’ make-shift offense took advantage, and  rallied for an improbale one point victory.

You’re welcome Bills’ fans, the thousands of you that were in attendance. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

The following week, the Titans hosted a Miami team that was in complete disarray. The head coach was just fired, the starting quarterback was being a jerk to the practice squad players, Ndamukong Suh was at practice without cleats…

Utter dysfunction.

Tennessee never got a chance to take their foot off the pedal. The Dolphins never let them into the vehicle, routing the Titans 38-10.

Last week (anyone see a theme here?), Tennessee’s defense kept Atlanta’s high powered offense out of sync the entire game, and the Titans were poised to get their first signature win under coach Whisenhunt. But once again, Tennessee took their foot off the gas. The Falcons escaped with a three point win.

No need to thank us, hope you enjoyed your stay. Good luck with your division race Atlanta.

But what about the Tennessee’s aspirations?

Believe it or not, the Titans are still alive and well in the race for the AFC title. A division win this Sunday in Houston would all but bury the Texans, while potentially moving them to within a game of the division lead…with nine games left.

And coincidentally, the Houston Texans are seemingly in all kinds of disarray right now. They cut their backup / co-starting quarterback, their all time leading rusher is lost for the season, and their head coach is suddenly on the hot seat.

A recipe for disaster for the friendly Titans, if history has it’s way.

But it doesn’t have to this time, not if Tennessee finally sees themselves as just as desperate.

No more throwing other teams lifelines, while your own coach is on the hot seat, and your own season aspirations are quickly fading away.

The season is on the line. No more southern hospitality. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

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