3 big things from today’s Tennessee Titans practice


It is Thursday, and the Tennessee Titans are making their final preparations to face the Houston Texans. This is a big day for players to indicate if their are going to play of not on Sunday, and the Titans may have gotten some good news.

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Marcus Mariota practices again.

The Titans Rookie of the Year caliber quarterback is back in action, at least on a limited basis. This is the second day in a row, and I have a hard time thinking that he will be ruled out of the game on Sunday.

One possibility that no one is talking about is that the Titans could bench Bishop Sankey on Sunday and activate three quarterbacks. Sankey hasn’t been playing much at all and as you will see later, it looks like Antonio Andrews has carved out a spot for him as the “lead back” at least for this week.

This would give them the option of playing Marcus Mariota for a few drives and if it looks unsafe or if he doesn’t look right live then they could put in Mettenberger and have Charlie Whitehurst as the primary backup.

Either way it is a good thing that he is practicing.

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  • Andy Gallik, Perrish Cox and Harry Douglas miss practice again.

    While Jason McCourty and Michael Griffin seem to be back in action, the trio mentioned above sat out again on Thursday. Harry Douglas didn’t play last week, and I think you could tell that the Titans lacked a veteran presence out on the field.

    Perrish Cox is the biggest injury on the list obviously. The cornerback has been pretty good this season, and looks like another very good, under the radar addition from Ruston Webster. Cody Riggs (who should be his backup) could be active on Sunday if Cox can’t go, and I think he looked very good last week, especially for an UDFA.

    Antonio Andrews to finally see more playing time.

    Finally, Andrews gets what he deserves. It is hard to watch a player go on the field and become the human version of a steamroller only to be taken out the next play. Andrews has earned more carries and he was putting people on their back all game against the Atlanta Falcons and I firmly believe that if he would have gotten more carries he would have been the difference in the game.

    Andrews is a great player to have on the field and whether you call him a tone-setter, spark plug, high motor, or whatever, all he does is dominate with the ball in his hands. If this team is going to take the pressure of off the quarterback and neutralize some of the pass rush they have on their hands, then Andrews is the key to doing that.

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