Tennessee Titans power rankings around the league Week 8


It is hard watching this team find new ways to lose each week. Some weeks they lose shoot outs, other weeks they can’t protect their quarterback, other weeks it is because they turn the ball over too much, and then of course there are weeks like this where they can’t score double digits.

So, the question this week is does a dominant defense make up for a poor offense in the eyes of the national media?

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NFL.com: 30 (Last week 29)

“Been a while since the Titans blew away the Bucs — and football fans everywhere — with that drubbing in Week 1. Five losses later, Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t seem to have any answers, much like in 2014. The sad thing on Sunday — or, at least, the thing that was obscured by another loss — was the brilliant play of Tennessee’s defense for the majority of the afternoon. The Falcons came in averaging a healthy 30.5 points per game — and left Nashville with 10. Can’t do much better than that. Unfortunately, Zach Mettenberger — who was filling in for the injured Marcus Mariota — couldn’t get the ball downfield and tossed a pair of interceptions.  ”

-Elliot Harison

He is spot on with this. It has been an eternity since the Titans decimated a terrible Bucs team and showed the right way to use a great quarterback like Marcus Mariota. Since then, Whisenhunt has been getting worse and worse in his play calls and it has been marring the image of a team who should be better recognized for being the second best pass defense in the league despite missing one of their top two corners every week this year.

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  • CBS.com: 32 (31)

    “You have to admire the fight in Ken Whisenhunt’s team, but you just can’t keep losing games you have a chance to win. In the end, this team needs more playmakers on both sides of the ball.”

    -Pat Kirwan

    This is correct, except for the first part. The players on this team that are playing well are primarily on the defensive side, and they are playing well because of Dick LeBeau.

    Bottom of the barrel is rough to look at, but there is no case against it at this point.

    ESPN.com: 30 (30)

    “The Titans are now 1-15 in their past 16 games. Their only win was against the Buccaneers, who have the second-worst record over the past 16 games (3-13).”


    Just a terrible stat for a terrible team. This team needs to do something to change their image immediately.

    Composite score: 30.7

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